New Quick Sorting UI 😊 It’s going to be a lot easier to organize recipes in the next update!

I’m excited to announce version 2.0 of TV Launcher! 🚀

With an all-new Watch Now screen, TV listings in Top Shelf and redesigned programme details screen, this is the biggest update yet! 🤩

Check it out:

TV Launcher version 1.5 is now available with support for 90+ US channels and multi-user support on tvOS! 🤩

Check it out:

Funnily enough, ITV haven’t updated the ITV Hub app on iOS or tvOS to reflect the naming change from ITV to ITV1 yet!

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New TV Launcher update now rolling out on tvOS & iOS!

Here’s what’s new:

- Multiple channel tile sizes on tvOS
- Full TV Guide for the current day
- Updates to ITV branding inline with their recent changes
- New App Store Screenshots
- & more!

Seems Apple gave up on the idea of having a working Remember Me button on App Store Connect and removed it entirely 🧐

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