I observe that on remains an obscure area for even the most tech-savvy among us.

Therefore I've drafted this summary table to help to navigate.

Note: SSE-AES and SSE-C are only supported by the Amazon S3 service.

Guys, I love this new feature!! I great you keep coming with new ideas and improvements.

I've released a masterpiece article in the magazine. This publication aims to help you getting a good understanding of the place of in our modern business world.


And here a friendly Privacy Policy I can reuse as a template:
Next step, a .onion hidden version on my site (For those among us who live in s**t countries)

...and while we're talking about Wikipedia lists, this is a juicy one:

"List of commercial video games with available source code"


@sasha_sorokin @dump_stack it means Steam doesn’t want you to move to have a decent salary. Всегда подумал зарплаты слишком низкие сравнение стоимость жизни, особенно если живешь в Москве.

@phessler in that case indeed you cannot move out, I just wanted to confirm as my wife had similar concern while her sticker wasn’t expired.
With this sticker you cannot move abroad, but you can legally move in all countries members of the Schengen area.

@phessler if it works as in the Netherlands you should have a sticker in your passport testifying your residence permit demand is being processed. This is sufficient in Schengen, just to let you know.

@phessler you can at least take your car in the surrounding countries. There is literally no control in the Schengen area.

Axel Voss, one of the MEPs that campaigned for all that upload filter nonsense that would make running Mastodon in the EU more complicated, is now saying Europe is in danger of becoming a "digital colony" of the US or China because of a lack of European social networks


I like how Googlers list Edge (now) and Opera in their “Browser support tables” like these are the completely different browsers :thinkhappy:

Both based on Chromium. Feels like they are trying to say like “See, *many* browsers already support that, but Firefox is still far behind . . . 🐢 ”

puns, us slang 

@sean if there is only one, why doing it complicated?

‘My GitHub account has been restricted due to US sanctions as I live in Crimea.’ (Project status · Issue #289 · tkashkin/GameHub) - redd.it/ci5e49

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