...and while we're talking about Wikipedia lists, this is a juicy one:

"List of commercial video games with available source code"


@sasha_sorokin @dump_stack it means Steam doesn’t want you to move to have a decent salary. Всегда подумал зарплаты слишком низкие сравнение стоимость жизни, особенно если живешь в Москве.

@phessler in that case indeed you cannot move out, I just wanted to confirm as my wife had similar concern while her sticker wasn’t expired.
With this sticker you cannot move abroad, but you can legally move in all countries members of the Schengen area.

@phessler if it works as in the Netherlands you should have a sticker in your passport testifying your residence permit demand is being processed. This is sufficient in Schengen, just to let you know.

@phessler you can at least take your car in the surrounding countries. There is literally no control in the Schengen area.

Axel Voss, one of the MEPs that campaigned for all that upload filter nonsense that would make running Mastodon in the EU more complicated, is now saying Europe is in danger of becoming a "digital colony" of the US or China because of a lack of European social networks


I like how Googlers list Edge (now) and Opera in their “Browser support tables” like these are the completely different browsers :thinkhappy:

Both based on Chromium. Feels like they are trying to say like “See, *many* browsers already support that, but Firefox is still far behind . . . 🐢 ”

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@sean if there is only one, why doing it complicated?

‘My GitHub account has been restricted due to US sanctions as I live in Crimea.’ (Project status · Issue #289 · tkashkin/GameHub) - redd.it/ci5e49

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How come people expect everything they run on their mobiles to come as an "app", but then refuse to access anything but a website on their computers?

Personally I prefer "real" apps on all my platforms, but I get it:

Installing computer programs is perceived as more complicated than tapping Install in the app store. This needs to be addressed though.

Linux would have all the right tools here: package management & sandboxing. It's a shame it still lacks the traction it would so deserve.

@thor @clacke @badrihippo @njoseph

Just attach the your public key to all of your email. That's what I'm keeping doing, but actually no-one ever answer me back with a public key so we can chat securely, not even among cyber security professionals ...

I think generalisation of email encryption failed somewhere.

In the ideal technolibertarian world, being unable to start your car in an emergency is just normal.

If you've ever wondered what the sunflower garden at Singapore's Changi airport looks like at 4am, it's something like this.

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