Hi all, let's make further acquaintance. I'm Aris a principal and engineer working on the Catawiki auction platform in Amsterdam, I worked a lot in IT consulting over the past 5 years and has also worn the hats of: , , engineers.
I love building solutions without limiting my scope. I'm also a dog lover and homelaber.

Let me know who you are in the comments :vim:

I observe that on remains an obscure area for even the most tech-savvy among us.

Therefore I've drafted this summary table to help to navigate.

Note: SSE-AES and SSE-C are only supported by the Amazon S3 service.

Guys, I love this new feature!! I great you keep coming with new ideas and improvements.

Here my latest publication and open-sourced project: building an AWS API for ServiceNow. This is only the first brick but can put you on the right track for more advanced use cases.



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