the thing that bothers me about executive fiat lawmaking is not so much the rules being dictated (such as the president making my wrist braces suddenly illegal, despite congress passing no law related to it, and wouldn't). it's the fact that to make law like that, you have to fundamentally disrespect the concept of the rule of law. you have to become a dictator.

@sneak that's the issue with liberals. They keep complaining the opposition is unfair and authoritarian, and once they get to power bing 30 executive orders the first day :D

@abouix both parties in the US complain the opposition is unfair, and use tyrant tactics. your making it a partisan claim says more about you than them.


@sneak to some degree. It does not change the fact that Biden first day in office tells a lot about him.
As I'm not American and don't live there, I don't feel that much concerned at the end.

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