@kc8apf I'll be surprised if that turns out to be the true reason. I've run some pretty old software on many LTE networks (though not GFi) and never seen that failure mode.

I saw this headline, "Travel your first and last mile with Google Maps," and thought it was about new interfaces for neonatal and geriatric users.


But what if you *have* to eat the hot dog through a disposable plastic drinking straw, because your treadmill won't allow you to attain air-speed velocity? Would *that* qualify as a sandwich concentration camp?

@keverets "And mother always told me be careful of who you love
And be careful of what you do 'cause the lie becomes the truth" -- Michael Jackson, "Billie Jean"

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@qrs Hey, I was thinking about firing up those old Staubli PUMA 2xx arms again, and maybe wiring them up to letsrobot.tv . What do you think, are they worth the trouble? What kind of repeatability were you seeing? Are toolheads easy to make/buy?

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if you're having trouble visualizing the recursive centaur i've made this helpful reference

A lovely, clear, and accessible introduction to "Transformer" neural nets like GPT-2 (via slatestarcodex.com)

"Before jumping to conclusions, make sure they're the *right* conclusions."

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Pirate, holding up his ill-gotten booty and whistling appreciatively: "Look at this absolute unit"

Can someone conversant with twitter and/or British Slang explain the "look at this absolute unit [sheep]" tweet to me?

At work, trying to debug a server failure for a postmortem. Crawling around the logs, cataloguing which process died when, and trying to figure out what signal killed it and why, and for some reason I keep hearing the Obra Dinn music in my head.

This is a great article about my good friends Eric and Sonia, who are racing the clock to find a cure for her rare terminal genetic disease:

(But because it's so rare, their life-saving research is not supported by grants. If their courage and determination make you want to help, this is the best month to contribute, because a generous donor is matching May donations in honor of their PhD defenses:

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Presenting: "legit", my first esoteric programming language! Programs written in legit are defined entirely by the commit graph of a Git repository. You can find the specification, examples and an implementation here: morr.cc/legit/

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tech grousing, subtype paranoid loathing of mobile devices 

tech grousing, subtype paranoid loathing of mobile devices 

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