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In "The Tree Who Set Healthy Boundaries," Topher Payne rewrites the ending of "Giving Tree" to unpick the expert, Silversteinien knot of shitty ideas tied so well that you can easily miss them.

Not only is this hilarious stuff, it's also incredibly, VISCERALLY satisfying, as the tree tells off the boy for being such a colossal asshole.


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This interview about "the child care crises" exposes some pretty glaring misunderstandings about economics, and also basic ethics of personal/social responsibility, but I still think there are some good points here worth reading and thinking about.

Today's NYT crossword is one of my all-time faves. Congratulations, Robyn Eintraub, on a job well done.

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A pocket-sized ESP32 display board with 180µW Always On Display and Gyro controls, created by @MaxK94.

Learn more:

Original tweet :

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@jamesmullarkey @manyver_se I try to use the android app every couple of months. I've never gotten it to work.

@paul No, it's the usual butterfly support + rubber dome. But it's one of the least-sucky implementations thereof. I can easily touch-type 100+wpm (net of errors) on it.

@paul Looks cute indeed, but the keyboard looks a bit shy of awesome. I'm extremely productive on my Gemini PDA from Planet Computers, though.

@jankoekepan @alcinnz I like Doctorow too, and while I enjoyed reading his interesting take, I think I disagree with just about every sentence.

@gcupc My favorite Cthulhu Emoticon is:
... but to understand why, you have to type it into a terminal and watch what happens.

Where can I find people who use RSS to consume feeds, and who republish the curated best articles of those feeds? I want to follow those peoples' republished feeds, in order to discover new feeds to add to my own reader (and new curators to follow).

You know, like twitter/mastodon, but for RSS. Like Google Reader. Or TheOldReader.

(I'm currently using News+
and TinyTinyRSS inside Sandstorm, so I don't have an easy way to republish articles.)

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I've been previewing the new @OpenAI API, and honestly despite myself I was a bit nervous when I typed "go ahead and try it." It's that good.

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startup idea: RPG Maker, but for chat applications

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Wow! I just clicked the Windows Troubleshooter and it actually solved my problem, for what I'm pretty sure is the absolute first time in my life.

@ehashman Just yesterday I struggled with this exact problem on my partner's macos+powerpoint setup. What a ridiculous software restriction! I gave up and plugged in an extra monitor.

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@technomancy @codingquark I had a vague idea of doing a prefix-match on the server so that I could issue a thread reply with a specially-crafted IRC message. but before that, I mercifully escaped from having a job which required me to use slack :)

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