I don't think y'all even need to worry about Global Warming anymore. With the number of canvas totes I have accumulated, I must've saved the entire planet singlehandedly by now.

If Bose ever files for an IPO with an upbeat forward-looking prospectus, I plan to write a skeptical research note titled "Bose's supposed prognosis is rosy."

It has been [ 6 ] years since anyone has mass-produced a good watch, apparently.

(In this context "good", of course, means :
* always-on transflective display (for telling time)
* buttons (for navigation)
* bluetooth (for notifications)
* microphone (for speech-to-text)
* weeklong battery (for travel)
* end-user programmable (obvs))

Luckily, there are still plenty on ebay, so I guess I'd better stock up, in case nobody figures out how to do it again...

@technomancy Also consider using the matrix bridge. First-party chat clients are for suckers.

@technomancy what strange Emacs config do you use that eliminates the constant Meta usage?

@mxshift How do you figure it's uncountable? It seems to me that the number of humans who have ever or will ever exist is finite, and therefore so is the set of subsets thereof. Can two genders be distinct if they include exactly the same set of humans? (Swap in "organisms" for "humans" if you like.)


Coparent, offering 2yo a tissue: "Please get your nose."
2yo, scampering away: "No! No! No!"
Me: "Well, I guess they got three of them."

@technomancy I have also recently become interested in this. I've spent some time tweaking the QMK parameters on my keyboardio atreus, but no matter what I try, I aways seem too get misfires (single key interpreted as dual or vice versa) occasionally. I'm wondering if the dual-role enthusiast community just doesn't have anyone who types at 120+ wpm? Please let me know if you manage to get all your thresholds adjusted satisfactorily.

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#FediTips and not a subtoot: if you are streaming a thread of toots from brain to keyboard, you can set your first reply as "Unlisted", and then reply to each successive toot. It'll keep the replies from overwhelming people (incl. your local timeline), but interested parties can still follow the thread.

@technomancy It's never too early to start the drills that prepare one for Vacuum Bombs.

@technomancy I prefer Chrome on android, especially since firefox kiilled its extensions. I adblock at the DNS level, which isn't perfect but is good enough for me.

@th maybe the wrench and the stop-watch are to scale, and the installation is meant to be done by a homunculus.

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Past Julie having abandonment issues over Future Julie is the most relatable thing I've seen on the internet in years.

Just wait 'til you see the comments section of this video.


mild morbs 

I definitely used to feel that way. Then I realized that "permanent" doesn't mean "forever", just "remaining trough [till the end]". So I just assume they mean the end of my current residency. (Or just the end of my reachability through that address.)

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