Where can I find people who use RSS to consume feeds, and who republish the curated best articles of those feeds? I want to follow those peoples' republished feeds, in order to discover new feeds to add to my own reader (and new curators to follow).

You know, like twitter/mastodon, but for RSS. Like Google Reader. Or TheOldReader.

(I'm currently using News+
and TinyTinyRSS inside Sandstorm, so I don't have an easy way to republish articles.)

@abliss I'm about to toot a bunch of links (mostly from @enkiv2 ), maybe you'll find some in there?

@abliss Great question. I'd love to see such a directory or list, too. Not exactly RSS-based, but Kicks Condor has been sharing links to others that curate content / build directories, and generally talking about the "digital gardens" movement:

Personally, I follow the shared links from my old time college friend Chema, who aligns pretty well with my interests:

I use nextcloud news and read my news since years only on RSS.. Republish her the actual better articles but sometimes with waybackmachine to avoid all the google and other tracking stuff. If I share it should be clean

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