Can someone conversant with twitter and/or British Slang explain the "look at this absolute unit [sheep]" tweet to me?

At work, trying to debug a server failure for a postmortem. Crawling around the logs, cataloguing which process died when, and trying to figure out what signal killed it and why, and for some reason I keep hearing the Obra Dinn music in my head.

This is a great article about my good friends Eric and Sonia, who are racing the clock to find a cure for her rare terminal genetic disease:

(But because it's so rare, their life-saving research is not supported by grants. If their courage and determination make you want to help, this is the best month to contribute, because a generous donor is matching May donations in honor of their PhD defenses:

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Presenting: "legit", my first esoteric programming language! Programs written in legit are defined entirely by the commit graph of a Git repository. You can find the specification, examples and an implementation here:

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Coparent, exasperated: "Do NOT pull stupid shit like that while we are crossing the street!"
Child, incensed: "Mom! You said a bad word! You said 'stupid'."

Surprisingly insightful article about Amazon (and Walmart).
(via Matt Levine's excellent Money Stuff newsletter)

Do you choose to use Shoe Goo, sir?
If, sir, you, sir, choose to use, sir,
On the blue boots, do, sir, do, sir!

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So I got a PlayStation 4, my first gaming console ever, and I have many #gameing questions now, but the most important is:

if you buy The Witness with an extended warranty, are you in The Witness Protection Program

Larry Lessig is whipping the New Hampshire Legislature to support Ranked Choice Voting in their presidential primary.
You can help!

Really enjoying this new puzzle game:

(Pro-tip: if playing on an Android device, save it to your home screen; it makes better use of your display.)

Big update: the ethereum bootstrap contract is apparently live, and Yarvin has permanently left Tlon.

Is a paragraph is missing in this NYT piece?
Usually, an NYT leak piece starts with "$thing happpened, according to people familiar with it who asked not to be named for $reasons". Not so here.
In para #4, it goes "[more stuff], the people said... [even more stuff], the people said". What people? The other "people" uses are #16, "... according to the people familiar with the inquiry," and
#21, "according to people familiar with their thinking."

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#Manyverse is an Android app for the #Scuttlebutt social network:

Unlike traditional social networks, Scuttlebutt has no servers. Members store all their personal data on their own computer or phone, and connect directly to their friends' devices in order to update statuses. Scuttlebutt also works offline.

It's currently available on @fdroidorg and Google Play. (Note it's still in beta and many features are missing.)

#AlternativesAtoZ #SSB #OffTheGrid #SocialNetworks

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Annotated version of my #35c3 presentation "Modchips of the State" about hypothetical SPI bus hardware implants in Supermicro servers' BMC:

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"Okay, Google. If that _is_ your real name!"

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