It has been [ 6 ] years since anyone has mass-produced a good watch, apparently.

(In this context "good", of course, means :
* always-on transflective display (for telling time)
* buttons (for navigation)
* bluetooth (for notifications)
* microphone (for speech-to-text)
* weeklong battery (for travel)
* end-user programmable (obvs))

Luckily, there are still plenty on ebay, so I guess I'd better stock up, in case nobody figures out how to do it again...


Coparent, offering 2yo a tissue: "Please get your nose."
2yo, scampering away: "No! No! No!"
Me: "Well, I guess they got three of them."

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#FediTips and not a subtoot: if you are streaming a thread of toots from brain to keyboard, you can set your first reply as "Unlisted", and then reply to each successive toot. It'll keep the replies from overwhelming people (incl. your local timeline), but interested parties can still follow the thread.

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Past Julie having abandonment issues over Future Julie is the most relatable thing I've seen on the internet in years.

Just wait 'til you see the comments section of this video.

Heard on the radio this morning that the Senate is questioning President Biden's nominee for Chief Antitrust Enforcer. If a business is found to be a monopoly, does Cantor plan to remove just the middle third of the business? And then examine the two remaining businesses in turn, removing each of their middle thirds? Does the process ever end? Does it leave us with any business at all? Does--
*holds earpice* Oh, apparently it's Kanter, not Cantor. Nevermind.

After about 39 hours, I reached a certain point in Baba Is You. And, just, wow. It was one of the all-time great moments in video games. If somehow you, like me, missed out on playing Baba when it was all the rage, give it a try!

Our basement office flooded, destroying the corrugated cardboard box that my partner's had under her desk for a year to use for a footrest. So I went to Amazon and bought an "ErgoFoam Adjustable Large Premium Velvet Soft Foam Footrest (Black)" and they next-day shipped us a perfect replacement box.

I'm honestly pretty surprised that Elon Musk is not going to be one of the first five billionaires in space.

Cooking directions on the side of a cup ramen: "Add water. Microwave 3 minutes. Stir well and serve."
Who has ever "served" someone else a cup ramen? It should just say "Stir well and eat."

Prediction: Elon Musk will soon announce a plan to order a paper stock certificate for 1 share of GME and include it in the first test payload of the StarShip in a translunar orbit. Years later, he'll actually follow through with it.

"There is no cloud. It's just someone else's computer"

Amazon AWS decides to boot Parler off its backend.

Wow, I just discovered that fvwm3 was released a couple months ago! (I've been a happy user of fvwm2 for two decades, and firmly believe in not fixing what ain't broke, but I may actually try the upgrade.)


I see what you did there, New York Times.

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Thinking about the Wikipedia edit war over whether "Guy Standing sitting" was an appropriate caption and how they eventually protected the page and cropped the image.

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