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Andy Rubin shows off a phone with a 'radically different formfactor'
Spoiler alert: it's a buttonless glass rectangle.


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(Found Poetry on a surprisingly good kids' product: )


uspol, fake news 

I saw this headline, "Travel your first and last mile with Google Maps," and thought it was about new interfaces for neonatal and geriatric users.

But what if you *have* to eat the hot dog through a disposable plastic drinking straw, because your treadmill won't allow you to attain air-speed velocity? Would *that* qualify as a sandwich concentration camp?

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@qrs Hey, I was thinking about firing up those old Staubli PUMA 2xx arms again, and maybe wiring them up to . What do you think, are they worth the trouble? What kind of repeatability were you seeing? Are toolheads easy to make/buy?

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if you're having trouble visualizing the recursive centaur i've made this helpful reference

A lovely, clear, and accessible introduction to "Transformer" neural nets like GPT-2 (via

"Before jumping to conclusions, make sure they're the *right* conclusions."

Can someone conversant with twitter and/or British Slang explain the "look at this absolute unit [sheep]" tweet to me?

At work, trying to debug a server failure for a postmortem. Crawling around the logs, cataloguing which process died when, and trying to figure out what signal killed it and why, and for some reason I keep hearing the Obra Dinn music in my head.

This is a great article about my good friends Eric and Sonia, who are racing the clock to find a cure for her rare terminal genetic disease:

(But because it's so rare, their life-saving research is not supported by grants. If their courage and determination make you want to help, this is the best month to contribute, because a generous donor is matching May donations in honor of their PhD defenses:

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Presenting: "legit", my first esoteric programming language! Programs written in legit are defined entirely by the commit graph of a Git repository. You can find the specification, examples and an implementation here:

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