To Mastodon peeps, stop using LiveJournal.

Also, double-check where the instance you are using is located. I should set up a live location map for mastodon instances...

3 / On the upside, other instances can block that Nazi instance. Voila, tootsphere completely free of Nazis.

I think, as a matter of course, we need to learn that people will have different desires of safety at different times. Sometimes I'm able to wade into Nazi muck. Other times, I just want to see cute kittens.

So when we talk about free speech here on mastodon, remember that. This is a feature. It lets people make Choices.

2 / So someone could join a Nazi hunter space, where they watch Nazi accounts on other instances, and have an account elsewhere, such as a positivity only instance, with hard limits on what other spaces they Federate with.

This does mean that if a Nazi instance pops up, they can block the nazi hunter instance from federating with them.

1 / So there's some interesting implications to Federation on Mastodon. Consider that explicitly bans Nazis. This means that any other instance that wants to ban Nazis, can allow their users to follow users. So this gives each instance some measure of control to how safe they want their FTL to be.

This also lets people choose the level of safety they want or need by going to different instances.

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