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So a little fun fact: The streaming API for Mastodon, by default, does not take advantage of SSL-encrypted communications to and from Postgres.
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I wonder if the outside-in view of the fediverse now is like it was a year ago where you need some level of integration into it to even know there's options besides Mastodon.

That's a major problem IMO.
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"Mirage" (Featuring Raja Kumari) by Lindsey Sterling from the 2016 album *Brave Enough*

"You Haven't Done Nothin'" by Stevie Wonder. (Originally from 1974)

"Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day" by Jethro Tull (2002 remastered version from *All The Best*)

The Ultime Class Trimarans that will be sailing the Route Du Rhum

IMOCA 60 skippers sailing in the Route Du Rhum, which starts in France Nov 4th.

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