I have often wondered how people can get e. coli from something as benign and simple as a salad. mastodon.cloud/media/PATmb9hWe

Lugging around a hefty and bulky Leica makes me miss the days of a lightweight DSLR mastodon.cloud/media/DbnE5uIyo

I'm getting an M42-M adaptor converted to M39-M at Heng Fung Photo Supplies Co. While-you-wait service! mastodon.cloud/media/xwxR_SeMR

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Here are some pics I took of the last big(ish) storm we had here :) Taken from the beach a few minutes walk from our house. Long exposure with a Nikon D7000, post-processed in Adobe Lightroom. ^.^


mastodon.social/media/KTcTLzuY mastodon.social/media/E8VH5ZAq mastodon.social/media/U4pya2Pu mastodon.social/media/c-DATrKz

Anyone have need of a Kodak Film Drive(APS scanner)? No power supply or driver. Free to a good home. mastodon.cloud/media/GR8WJ6IRm

17 years ago, who'd have thought that in 2107, would have no terrestrial TV and no landline, but shoot mostly film.

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I know, I did b/w when I was a student. Anyone who can cook a simple recipe can dev b/w.
My first time developing C41 was earlier this week. Discovered that anyone who can do b/w, can do C41 with a Digibase kit.

Strictly speaking, a camera is just a means for forming an image on a surface in relative darkness. Anything else you add is a refinement.

Mechanical cameras are like mechanical watches; they have soul. More importantly, they can be serviced and repaired.

There is one camera that is the best of both worlds: the Nikon FM3A and it's probably the zenith of the camera maker's craft.

It has both a mechanical and an electronic shutter. If the electronics or battery fails, you retain 1s-1/4000s and Bulb, losing only metering, AE and long auto-exposure speeds.

And yet, the devaluation will lose you much sleep.

This is not investment advice but... learn from my experience.

The longer I collect, the more I enjoy mechanical cameras.

Electronic cameras make practical sense because they offer consistent exposure and offer other automations.

But all film cameras are aged or aging. Electronics are mostly as reliable as mechanics, but once a custom electronic part is done, its probably game over. Examples:

Lens servo on a Contax T3
LCD on a Ricoh GR1
PCB on a Nikon F3
Analog dial on a Nikon 35ti

... cont

This is not investment advice but...

It's lazy and dumb to sell camera lots. Only do it if you need to sell junk and it's not a profitable use of your time to sell individually.

Indeed, it pains me to say it, but most cameras are worth more in parts than as a whole, especially broken and scruffy cameras.

You may think you're adding value by assembling a complete collection but you aren't.

"Buy individual cameras or systems and use them!" - says me, the hypocrite.

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