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I have often wondered how people can get e. coli from something as benign and simple as a salad. mastodon.cloud/media/PATmb9hWe

Lugging around a hefty and bulky Leica makes me miss the days of a lightweight DSLR mastodon.cloud/media/DbnE5uIyo

I'm getting an M42-M adaptor converted to M39-M at Heng Fung Photo Supplies Co. While-you-wait service! mastodon.cloud/media/xwxR_SeMR

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Here are some pics I took of the last big(ish) storm we had here :) Taken from the beach a few minutes walk from our house. Long exposure with a Nikon D7000, post-processed in Adobe Lightroom. ^.^


mastodon.social/media/KTcTLzuY mastodon.social/media/E8VH5ZAq mastodon.social/media/U4pya2Pu mastodon.social/media/c-DATrKz

Anyone have need of a Kodak Film Drive(APS scanner)? No power supply or driver. Free to a good home. mastodon.cloud/media/GR8WJ6IRm

17 years ago, who'd have thought that in 2107, would have no terrestrial TV and no landline, but shoot mostly film.

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@ZDP189 @kamerakata
I know, I did b/w when I was a student. Anyone who can cook a simple recipe can dev b/w.
My first time developing C41 was earlier this week. Discovered that anyone who can do b/w, can do C41 with a Digibase kit.

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@Hier_komt_alex @ZDP189 Same here. Did some B/W development in school, approx. 1980. In the late 80s, I had my films developed commercially but did some prints. I started occasionally shooting film again in 2011. This weekend I developed 2 B/W films. Never tried C41, though. Yet. ;)

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@Hier_komt_alex @ZDP189 The local shops charge €5,99 for a roll of 136 and €7,99 for a roll of 120 film when it's C41. B/W film is kept until they have enough to send a batch off to a lab in Poland. Last time I waited 5 weeks.

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Prices and conditions for film development have become so bad that I developed some film myself for the first time in over 30 years.
I had a roll of Agfa APX 100 in a Canonet 28 for 1 1/2 years and forgot the ISO setting so I took advice from @chrismarquardt and did a 90 minute stand development in Rodinal. The discolorations are probably leaks from the cameras defective light seals. #film #analog #photography #rodinal #filmisnotdead


Shelley Sometimes shows how to shoot Instax Mini (relatively easily) in a Fujifilm GW690 shellysometimes.com/blog/2017/

Strictly speaking, a camera is just a means for forming an image on a surface in relative darkness. Anything else you add is a refinement.