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I'm quite surprised that on the decentralized network there is still not much echo about (). Because if there is one currency you can use in everyday life, it's BitcoinCash: fast, very low fees to send-pay ($0.01), decentralized of course, no custody wallet (on your desktop even).


Hi WP! Soundcloud is cool for meditative music. I prefer nature sounds so places like freesound is cool. This morning I was listening to Dawn in the Amazonian Rainforest

La fin d’un blog et la dernière version de ?

Réflexion sur 18 ans de blog et migration vers un blog minimaliste

Rolling Stones Keith Richards with his Bentley S3 Continental, otherwise known has "Blue Lena"
Photography by legendary rock photographer 📸Gered Mankowitz

#rollingStones #photooftheday #photography #rocknroll #rock

Mastered to final version this day!
From upcoming "Electronic Patterns". Final Mix: December 3, 2022

- Emission of light by a non-incandescent body.
- Émission de lumière par un corps non incandescent.

Luminescence (432hz) by @SolarPhasing

Watched #TROLL on Netflix yesterday, and really enjoyed it. Admittedly there are one or two niggling/muddled plot points that don't make sense, but the pluses here far outweigh the negatives. Engaging characters, great creature effects, and a real emotional punch make for an excellent evening's viewing.

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