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Hope all my Mastodon friends have a relaxing Sunday. Tomorrow we all need to get to work harder and smarter than ever because November is not that far away. And that is the real endgame. We must do to defeat Trump and flip the senate. Our lives literally depend on it. 🦇

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All Americans should be terrified at Trump's efforts to purge our government of any employees who have a whiff of integrity and replace them with loyalists, experience not required.

Trump is deliberately avoiding Senate confirmation by filling the administration with "acting" officials. These are dangerous times that will only get worse if we don't act accordingly in working to remove Republicans from office.


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First, we have to continue to agree to support the eventual Democratic nominee and work with others to elect the next Democratic President.

The key concept here is that Mick Mulvaney admits that the GOP actively sabotages the economy when Democrats are in power to make themselves look better.

Tell your friends and fellow voters the truth about the Republican economy. Sharing information with people off social media is key to making change.

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Dear people who are voting in Democratic primaries for the first time,

The Democratic Party has had liberals in it for a long time, so showing up and immediately demanding that non-moderates drop out is like moving into a house where people already live and trying to replace all the furniture and decor on the first day. Try getting to know us a little bit and compromising. Maybe we can pair your armchair with our couch, and we could go in together on a rug and a coffee table.

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Some reasons why I want the GOP out:

I am against creating a permanent political-economic class that stays rich because it is rich, not because it creates things. 

I am against the richest paying the lowest taxes. 

In the long run, the country will do best when it fosters and protects a middle class with enough extra income to save, invest in education, and purchase homes, while making sure that the least fortunate (by birth, bad luck whatever circumstances) don't die on the street.  

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Trump and the GOP are all traitors to this country. We need to vote them all out. We need to unite and

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Impeaching Trump was necessary.  And unfortunately, since the GOP Senate is complicit, nothing can be done to stop these things, either.

Trump's daily to-do list: What steps can I take today to ruin America? In this regard, he's been very successful.

Our daily to-do list: Let's talk up our great Democratic candidates, sign up with campaigns, write, call, and talk to people we know. We have to unite, work, and


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Remember the "make a bigger pie" argument?

See, in the 90s, we did have a national conversation about inequality. The conservative argument, which won, was:

"Don't take away the pie from those who earned. Instead, make a bigger pie."

And we did.

You know what happened?

They took every slice.

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This is just about the worst week for the birdsite to kick good people off its platform. We would all like to say quite a lot about what’s going on, as a matter of fact. What a decade this week has been. @IronMan @SteveRogers @1Spider_Man

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Here's a fact that needs fixed if this guy wants to win an election. Coalitions between people are not formed by bullying them and like everything else, attitudes come from the top down.

As for social media engagement numbers, the bird site is full of bots.

Bernie's got a mean follower problem:


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Trump Fires Gordon Sondland Hours After Dismissing Impeachment Witness Alexander Vindman nyti.ms/3bqvDwP

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Lt. Col. Vindman is a courageous patriot.

Trump will always be an impeached Russian asset.

Republicans are ill. Above all, they want a leader who will hurt, immobilize, irritate, offend, and even physically harm opponents. This is true no matter how well or poorly their 401k plans are doing.

However you want to identify yourself: Democrat, Socialist, Independent, Green, no party preference, you name it— unite and  


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Only a Republican can get away with this.  If Obama tried this, the Republicans and conservative talk radio would be yelling from the roof tops.

Example number 3,657,268 of "if Obama did this." Yet, the courts tossed an emoluments suit today.

The next Democratic President better be elected in 2020 and laws need passed to end this stuff. Our country is literally being sold.


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Supportes of candidates booing other candidates at a Democratic debate usually leads to good outcomes.

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I liked Joe Biden's answer on whether or not he would have taken the Soleimani hit: no.

There was no "immediate threat" evidence.

It was a massive Trump error, no matter how much you like the guy being gone.

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Michael McFaul’s mini thread on the Vindman brothers’ unjust treatment at the hands of is powerful and true.


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I am still angry over the suspension of my friends accounts on twitter. I hope it gets resolved quickly.

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@HopeVanDyne @WonderWoman @Cheshie @HawKEye_2020 Amaroq is a free iOS app that’s pretty good. I went ahead and paid $3.99 (IIRC) for Toot.

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