incredibly adorable quokkas are native to my home town, they are always smiling and happy and i want to inject them directly into my veins

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LIVE NOW: We’re about to launch a space laser that will circle Earth to measure ice! Firing 5,000 laser pulses in the blink of an eye, the upcoming #ICESat2 satellite will give us a precise + detailed look at how Earth’s ice is changing. Watch & engage: source:

I'm Wolfie Rankin, Native Aussie Wereperson.
I've been Social Mediaing for years, been online since the early 90s on Usenet and IRC with my Amiga A1200. I was often seen on ABC's Science Mailing List and was known as one of the moderators on ABC's island on Second Life. Now mostly known via Twitter. I live with Jette Rankin, my Malamute and Jo, my tiny black Witch's cat. Cancer Survivor.

Likes politics and humour.

May or may not eat people.

I will never understand the thing that compels a person to follow me around online, just so they can pollute my mentions with asshattery.

I mean, seriously: take the time you spend harassing me, and use it to examine what isn't fulfilling you in your personal life. You can be happy; you just have to work for it, and you deserve better than what you're putting into the world right now.

Ok, so this is my original account which I couldn't get back into.

This is my very first toot. I'm in bed with my kitten, Jo. And it's 1:48am.

She's making noises in her sleep.

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