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I've just started a band called 999 Megabytes.

We haven't done a gig yet.

Ah, this feels like a comfy old pair of slippers 😍

I got on the @ivory alpha…

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Here are some alpha access slots for Ivory! If you don’t get one, no need to worry. We will keep adding more people over time.

Keep in mind:

1. This is an early alpha. Many things are missing and consider everything a work in progress.
2. Send us feedback via the contact button in the settings or Don’t use the TestFlight feedback system. We don’t read those often.
3. Enjoy using an alpha product! 😇

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how to level up your tech career: study, practice, form relationships with other human beings

that's it

that's the thread

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Corporation servicing the Mammonite necromancer market 

What. The. Fuck?

(If I wrote this into a horror novel you know EXACTLY what direction it would head in on full afterburner ...)


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2022 Microsoft Teams Unwrapped

You spent 4,182 minutes talking on mute.
You attended 15,011 meetings that could have been an email
You visibly nodded thoughtfully at totally implausible ideas 623 times

I received a message from this woman and I'm wondering if the effect of her head and hair dissolving into the background of the photo was deliberate. It's disturbingly Cheshire Cat-like 😧

You may have seen my post recently on Rich Whitehouse's emulator

I just found out the man himself is very, very unwell (I believe he's undergoing surgery today, in fact). If you enjoy his work, past or current, please drop by his Patreon and help fund his work, or just wish him well:

the company already

The form was a pita to fill in on a , but that's my problem. Once submitted I had no feedback via email, post or in my online banking app. I waited a week or so and heard nothing, so decided to check back through my CC statement and saw that the funds had been credited to my account, backdated to the original transaction no date

So, overall a good experience (I got my money back, yay!), but the process is complex (it needs to be, to be fair), and the feedback was zero

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If you pay for something with your it's the credit card company's money, not yours, and they're far more likely to do something about it if there's any irregularities. *Always* use a credit card if you can when buying goods or services remotely/not in person.

Anyways, I went through the process online of applying for a from my CC company. There's a fairly detailed Adobe PDF form to fill in that asks for lots of details re. the transaction and what you've done to contact

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Here's a story on my mixed experience with dealing with my company, /#Visa, recently

First off: I'm an idiot. I forgot that if something's too good to be true it probably isn't and bought something that looked like a very good deal online. It was a scam, which became very obvious within a day or two of the transaction (and when I bothered to google the company and found loads of reports)

Now, I'm not a *complete* idiot, and used my credit card, not my debit card (or PayPal 😱)

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Today’s moth on my finger (yes it’s a moth) is the incredible Lunar Hornet Clearwing Moth. There is some amazing camouflage in the moth world, but this mimicry is next-level! They even prod you with their abdomen to mimic a stinging action.

#mothsonmyfinger #moths #MothsMatter #lepidoptera #teammoth

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Toot v17.2 is now out!

This is the third in a series of releases that implement support for new Mastodon features. More will come in the near future, but this version offers:

* New photo picker with proper support for albums (iOS 15 and up only!)
* You can now opt in to getting notifications every time a user posts.
* View the edit history of toots.
* Support for adding private notes for other accounts.
* Some bugfixes and internal improvements.

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