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Nah, it's time start Christmas already. πŸ˜ƒ πŸŽ„

It's pretty quiet on the cloud today. ☁️

Feel like geeking out? πŸ€“

Go to O'Reilly Auto Parts and search for 121G.

@evelynyap There are advantages to working for yourself, if the tradeoffs aren't too bad.

I really need to take a trip somewhere ✈️

@evelynyap If you have to pay any exchange fees it might not be worth it.

Of course it depends on how much we're talkin' about. πŸ’°

I keep several currencies, but it's not big money. Just enough to get me to a hotel or currency exchange. πŸ’±

@evelynyap I didn't know what gaffers tape was. I just found out!

I must have been leading a sheltered life until now. πŸ˜‡

@evelynyap Always good to have a back up. You'll probably also use it occasionally, "just because."

I can feel the end of Summer already in the air. Only a few more weeks. :blobawkward:

It's kinda cool that Windows Defender got top spot. It just seems weird after being a joke for so long.

Hmm... What to do... 

#health #iron #pain 

Yesterday I wore cycling gloves for the first time. Kinda surprised how much I liked the feel of it. 🚴 🧀

I'm back from a few days at the beach. πŸ–οΈ and just in time for the weekend!

Pacquiao won! πŸ˜€ No, I didn't watch the match - it's just not my thing. Hence the late post. 

@evelynyap Whenever things like that happen to me I just Google around until I find something. There's probably others who have run into the same thing.

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