@evelynyap Yep, it's happened to me, and I just move on.

@FerdiZ I don't know much about the foldables, but the Razr looks like the coolest one to me.

It would certainly be a lot easier to carry around in a pocket.

@FerdiZ Yeah everyone has their own take.

Yesterday it was -4C here and I came across a couple of people who thought it was great.

I mean c'mon, that's usually what we get in February, not November. :blobunsure:


I'm going to Las Vegas on Sunday. It'll be nice to get away for awhile.

✈️ 🎰

@evelynyap Zero pain, to be sure.

It was just kind of a weird thought experiment. I'm in one of those moods. 😜

Which is worse?

Pain in the neck
Pain in the ass

Personally, I'll go with neck. ☑️

If you think about it, just about everyone falls away from any memory of their existence within 70 years or so from their death.

I'm going to try to keep that in mind. :blob_neutral_face:

@evelynyap Yeah, they removed the charge, cancelled the card and they're sending a new one. 💳

The original flight date was in September, but maybe the return flight will get cancelled. 👿

I'm REALLY careful using my credit card, but there's too many ways to steal the info.

@evelynyap I tried that and it listed sites I could visit to help me fall asleep. 😃

I had to cancel my credit card number because someone stole it and PURCHASED AN AIRLINE TICKET. 😡

Sigh...what is wrong with people...

I had this great idea pop into my head last night when I was falling asleep.

Can anyone remind me what it was?


My strategy today is to be productive.

Wish me luck! 🍀

Today is going to be a half day. Can Friday's get much better than that?

No. No they can't.

@evelynyap And if there's no good coffee, just drink whatever coffee is available. 😜 ☕

Warm weather extended my cycling season this year, but it looks like this week will be the end.


@evelynyap Hey, at least you found a potential fix for it. Good luck 👌

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