My crappy old #smartphone (that I couldn't find a replacement #battery for) is always plugged in whenever I use it, otherwise it shuts down after a few seconds. The swollen battery has gotten even bigger/worse now. One end is popping out. (I got double-sided tape under it so it stays in place.)

Can't use the phone plugged in without the battery in there, but maybe this is dangerous? 🤔

I use it as a webcam. I'd like to keep using it. But what to do with about battery?
#technology #safety


@evelynyap Sounds like it's time to let that one go. Maybe you can find another old cheap one? :blob_neutral_face:

@Wayves It's not totally trash. Just the battery. Not giving up yet. So weird, there's a bazillion different types of battery. There should be a limited set of standard sizes for various uses. Couldn't find a proper replacement and those sidewalk #fixit guys won't touch it or hack it. One of them said that even though there's the + and - marked, it might be wrong and they'll end up killing my phone. Because it's an unknown, el cheapo brand, they can't be sure. So I'm on my own. 🙃

@evelynyap I get it. As long as it's working on some level, it's hard to give some things up. :blobthumbsup:

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