Hey Mastodon.Cloud Admin


Starting yesterday, I have to log in every time I come to this site. It's not my computer because I don't have the same problem at other Masto sites.

Doesn't look like @TheAdmin in this instance exists anymore, since they changed owners. 😕 If I remember correctly, the owners went from France-based to Japan-based.

Been asking them to upgrade to 2.8.0 so can add them. No response at all. Other instances are up-to-date and already available in Keybase, but not 😕

@Wayves @TheAdmin I don't know if mentioning @kibousoft will help..? Maybe..? (Hopefully..?)

@FerdiZ @TheAdmin @kibousoft

Thanks for the name. Somehow, the problem stopped. I stay logged in now.

I'll remember the name though in case I start having any other problems.

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