Avast ye!

It's Talk Like A Pirate Day!



Today might be my last biking day of the season.

Or maybe that was yesterday.


I've been looking around at desktop calendars. I dunno, maybe I'll just use the Windows app...

Da Ba Dee dabba da-ee

You're welcome.

It's pretty quiet on the cloud today. ☁️

Feel like geeking out? 🤓

Go to O'Reilly Auto Parts and search for 121G.


I really need to take a trip somewhere ✈️

I can feel the end of Summer already in the air. Only a few more weeks. :blobawkward:

It's kinda cool that Windows Defender got top spot. It just seems weird after being a joke for so long.


Yesterday I wore cycling gloves for the first time. Kinda surprised how much I liked the feel of it. 🚴 🧤

I'm back from a few days at the beach. 🏖️ and just in time for the weekend!

It's almost the weekend but I have a lot of cleaning up to do, so... yeah :blobflushed:

Lots of rain here in a short time=flash floods. Wow 🛶

Last Friday I got past a big deadline. Makes Monday morning even more difficult to get motivated. :blob_confused:

It's a good thing I don't assemble furniture for a living. 🤣 😂

I'm not going anywhere this weekend. What a relief!

🚲 🚶 💤

Hey Mastodon.Cloud Admin


Starting yesterday, I have to log in every time I come to this site. It's not my computer because I don't have the same problem at other Masto sites.

My weekend trip to Philadelphia was fun. Saw a few historical things but most of the time was eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat 😃

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