I'm going to Las Vegas on Sunday. It'll be nice to get away for awhile.

✈️ 🎰

Which is worse?

Pain in the neck
Pain in the ass

Personally, I'll go with neck. ☑️

If you think about it, just about everyone falls away from any memory of their existence within 70 years or so from their death.

I'm going to try to keep that in mind. :blob_neutral_face:

I had to cancel my credit card number because someone stole it and PURCHASED AN AIRLINE TICKET. 😡

Sigh...what is wrong with people...

I had this great idea pop into my head last night when I was falling asleep.

Can anyone remind me what it was?


My strategy today is to be productive.

Wish me luck! 🍀

Today is going to be a half day. Can Friday's get much better than that?

No. No they can't.

Warm weather extended my cycling season this year, but it looks like this week will be the end.


Avast ye!

It's Talk Like A Pirate Day!



Today might be my last biking day of the season.

Or maybe that was yesterday.


I've been looking around at desktop calendars. I dunno, maybe I'll just use the Windows app...

Da Ba Dee dabba da-ee

You're welcome.

It's pretty quiet on the cloud today. ☁️

Feel like geeking out? 🤓

Go to O'Reilly Auto Parts and search for 121G.


I really need to take a trip somewhere ✈️

I can feel the end of Summer already in the air. Only a few more weeks. :blobawkward:

It's kinda cool that Windows Defender got top spot. It just seems weird after being a joke for so long.


Yesterday I wore cycling gloves for the first time. Kinda surprised how much I liked the feel of it. 🚴 🧤

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