I've made good friends with my money, but I'm a bit annoyed that all they talk about is stocks. Like, Jesus Dick, Fiddy, I get it that you want someone to buy your Zuckbook stock, I certainly don't want it.

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Even though I'm not on Twitter anymore, I see lots of blog posts starting off with some variation of "People are divided! Can't we all just get along?" or "People are so wrong about this! I'll set them straight." Invariably it always turns out that the author got their view of the world from Twitter.

Twitter is not the world. The world is not divided and angry and fighting over every minor thing. It just looks that way if you spend all day using Twitter.

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meta, subtoot, gasolina by daddy yankee, had enough of this shit, RANT 

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I want one of the next US presidential candidates to be just some bloke in a clown suit who gives serious-sounding speeches about clown rights

The artists making the new textures didn't have the tone and art style of the original game in mind. The original Arkham looked drab and dreary on purpose, but the remake looks like it was put through the generic polish filter that plagues most AAA games.

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go to gendered bathrooms and replace the signs with two random things like, a fish and a sandal, and watch as people puzzle out which one is manlier

Sword Art Online Abridged is an international treasure

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watching terminator which has 100% on rotten tomatoes btw and i’m wondering: why aren’t we concerned about the criminals coming thru our time borders 🤔 riddle me that, washington dc

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Somewhere around 2006, I recorded myself singing the first chapter to R Kelly's Trapped in the Closet, replacing all the lyrics with meows.

I sent it into a comedy talk show, which broadcast live late night on a short-lived FM talk station in the NYC area. It was relevant to some inside joke which I do not recall at this point. I never provided my name. They ended up playing a part of it on air.

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Didn't Lovecraft come around after he stopped writing novels?

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