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Liebe Schüler:innen und Studis: Pay What You Want 💚

Voller Funktionsumfang zu einem selbstgewählten Preis 🎉

Warum wir das für richtig halten? 1/

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Blogpost: Privacy Respecting Analytics @ViOffice
Are privacy respecting, "ethical" web analytics possible? What's the fundemental problem of online tracking by third parties and is there a better way to gather traffic metrics without intruding people's privacy?




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“Being a safe and reliable private cloud-solution on either on-premises and covering so much more besides being a OneDrive- or Dropbox-alternative, Nextcloud is taking care of contacts, calendars, tasks and even an IM-solution (Talk)…” — @OliverPifferi

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Happy to present an extra CODE update🌻

Thanks to all helping with testing, reporting & patches!
Version 6.4.10-6 comes with nice performance wins 💪

Check it; do see all 6.4.10 info 👉
To join..🤗

#cool_dev #foss #collaboration

▶️ and are interesting technologies. But they also have some drawbacks which we discussed on .

Read the full article at:

In the coming weeks we will announce some interesting news. So, stay tuned 🚀


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Weekly Update 📰

▶️Last week's , we released a video about in . Two-Factor Authentication () contributes significantly to security 🔒


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would you say that #hosting providers disqualify themselves as environmentally sustainable by offering #cryptomining?

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I wrote an article about the need for low-carbon and #sustainable #computing and the path towards zero-carbon computing.


** The problem:
* By 2040 emissions from computing alone will be close to half the emissions level acceptable to keep global warming below 2°C. This growth in computing emissions is unsustainable: it would make it virtually impossible to meet the emissions warming limit.
* The emissions from production of computing devices far exceed the emissions from operating them, so even if devices are more energy efficient producing more of them will make the emissions problem worse. Therefore we must extend the useful life of our computing devices.
** The solution:
As a society we need to start treating computational resources as finite and precious, to be utilised only when necessary, and as effectively as possible. We need frugal computing: achieving the same results for less energy.
** The vision: please read the article, I'm out of characters.

Vollständiger Artikel online unter: 💻


Testet 2 Wochen kostenlos und unverbindlich. Hier geht's zur Anmeldung: 🚀


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Abschließend zum Thema "Blockchains, und " möchten wir am kritische Punkte bezüglich nennen ⛓
▶️Wenig praktische Anwendungen
▶️Hoher Energieverbrauch
▶️ durch und


Unser Kernanliegen bei ist die Eurer 🔒

Dabei leistet die Zwei-Faktor-Authentisierung einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur . Am heutigen möchten wir euch deren einfache Umsetzung in einem Kurzvideo demonstrieren 💡

▶️On , we will publish the promised video about in ViOffice. So, stay tuned and follow . If you would like to get an overview of security aspects, check out our : 🔒


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▶️Did you know that consume a lot of ? In a guest article for @jamsoftware, we reviewed the topic and . We're very happy about cooperations of companies in our beautiful @Stadt_Trier.

Available at 🇬🇧🇩🇪


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Weekly Update 📰

▶️This week's , we talked about the link between and . Read the full article "Blockchains, and " at 💡


Checkt unseren neuen Gastbeitrag im @jamsoftware Blog ab 🚀

Darin geht es um ", und der globale Energieverbrauch" 💡
RT @jamsoftware
WUSSTEN SIE SCHON? Die verbraucht viel ! Wie dabei der ökologische Fußabdruck des eigenen Unternehmens verringert werden kann, zeigen wir heute auf unserem Blog mit unserem Gastbeitrag von den Gründern von @ViOfficeDE.…

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Enjoy an easier #workflow with a bunch of #usability improvements in CODE 6.4.10👌

All dialogs have consistent behavior now and many allow you to copy content t👀

Read more.. do ask a #free demo 🔍

#collaboraonline #cool_dev #opensource #foss

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Over at @ViOffice, we wrote a guest blog entry for JAM Software about the ecological footprint of #cloud computing and what is important to consider in order to reduce #waste. #noxp

🇬🇧 :

(Auch in 🇩🇪 :

Testet 2 Wochen kostenlos und unverbindlich. Hier geht's zur Anmeldung: 🚀


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