Maybe I should do mini blog posts about whatever I learn, even if it's rather trivial - it could still be of use to people?

It really puts me down when I see people saying bad things about because some feature was removed in their favorite app. It's hardly ever a decision a programmer has made, unless it's their own product. If there's a company behind an app, it's, are usually just doing their job and following "orders". And yes, they probably already complained and voiced their opinions to their managers about how much of a bad idea it is.

Finally moving out of a (too) small office to a bigger one, looking forward to be a little more separated from the rest of the company rather than being crammed up together in one "large" (but too small) space. Along with the change of scenery, it might just boost my

calling the office, then lying to the office manager that's answering the phone in order to get a certain person on the phone, and then they try to convince that person to apply for a different job.

Working late for a client that doesn't appreciate anything, I'm sure there will be an angry mail no matter what. Not sure why I put up with it.

I guess Mastodon is not safe for work, deal breaker for me ..

Since many people are doing this, here's my

I'm a 31 year old guy from Belgium working as a web . I program mostly in and but know a host of other languages as well.

My interests vary but are mostly tech related, I like following the latest tech trends and developments, and play around with it whenever I can.

I'm one of those people with a lot of ideas and a lot of things I want to create/build. Starting many side projects but never finishing them 😞

Twitter is good at helping you find people you may want to follow, it's something I miss on Mastodon. That, and analytics. I like numbers 😊

How to be productive in an open office: Arrive an hour before everyone else to get in the zone (don't forget your noise canceling headset) and leave an hour early before everyone starts chatting. Disclaimer: may not always work depending on who is in the office.

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