Salut les oufs, comment allez vous bien?

@RedWaltz moi, ça va toujours 😎.
En plus il fait grave beau chez moi et c'est ça qu'on aime, ça donne du pep's!

@Vega Il fait beau ici aussi et je pars dans une semaine environ vivre au moins un an en Corée donc tout va bien et ça me donne du pep's aussi :D

@Algot ça va! Are you fluent in french? Did you understand the "oufs"?

@Vega "eggs", je pense. Mais francais n'est pas bon. Ici, j'espere me faire mieux.

@Vega "eggs" as in newborn members here, I suppose, too.

@Algot "j'espere" is not such a big mistake, rather a tiny one.
Hahaha no, "eggs" would be "oeufs" and I said "oufs". In fact, it means "fous", for "crazy". But in spoken popular french, we sometimes reverse the syllable in a word (this is not proper speaking at all, like some contractions in english, for ex "gotcha").
If I had to do the same with "crazy", it would sound like "zy-cra".
This is pretty tricky haha.

@Vega Sounds like playing with Pig Latin as a kid. Ooyay onay itay?

@Algot hahaha, now that you've mentioned it I know it 😉.
And yes, the basic idea is the same.

Now I wonder why sometimes people uses "ay" in french on social media as a funny thing (for ex some would write "beautay" and not "beauté"), might come from Pig Latin!

Thanks for the tip!

@Vega "Beautay" not to be confused with "Bootay" a slang reference to a person's rump and beyond that to sex.

@Algot haha I'm used to watch anime with strong words, no risk for me.

@Vega Mais non! Le dictionaire dit "Phew!" pour "oufs". Il ya de plus?

@Algot this one works too, but the "s" would disappear, and it would be followed by ponctuation, depending on how you say it, as for "Phew".

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