Living with someone who no longer masks is next level challenging. Ask me how I know. 😒

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For those questioning the accuracy of my tweet. Here are the survival rates on the Titanic by class. Third class had the worst survival rate.

And for those saying just stay home and be 100% safe, you realize that not everyone can do that, right? We need to demand that our schools and places of employment are COVID safe.

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The answer is right there in front of us. And it works with all variants. Anything short of this has already been tried and has failed. 😷 💨

Look what just arrived!

It’s a personal sized QT3 air purifier @SmartAirFilters that I will take with me when I travel or need to go indoors for health care appointments, etc.

It has a HEPPA filter! H 7” W 5” D 5 3/4” Connects to USB power source and has a fan.

Biobot national wastewater data show BQ.1 variant gaining steam, and BA.2 up slightly, while BA.5 is decreasing.

What now? Branch Covidians? I’ve never been so proud to be affiliated with purveyors of truth about

Can someone please explain why everyone I know infected with has been seriously ill, sometimes to the point of considering calling 911. But every single elected official reports having only mild/minimal symptoms. And they are always sooo grateful for vaccines.


So do they still teach the precautionary principle in Schools of Public Health?

The people in the photo are public health fellows. Help me out here, anyone.

Once upon a time, there was a lockdown. It lasted many moons. At least 2-3 months before people were free to take cruises and eat and drink inside restaurants. We barely survived.

Chapter 2: Immunity Debt


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