I went to the UNC Family Medicine clinic today for an annual health visit.

Good news: UNC still requires patients and HCWs to mask.

Bad news: Everyone, and I mean every single person, was wearing a baggy blue medical mask. I mean I could see daylight through the gaps 😡 1/



My appointment was 8:00 a.m. but the lobby and waiting areas were already starting to fill up.

I was the only person in the entire clinic wearing a respirator 😷—a 3M Aura 9210+ NIOSH-certified N95 2/

While I wait, an elderly man without a mask walks up close to me and loudly tells the receptionist that he thinks he might have COVID. She asks him to put on a 😷 He replies that he doesn’t know how to (🙄) and asks for assistance.

He wears the mask below his nose 🤯 3/

The man who thinks he has COVID is quickly escorted to a private waiting room. 🙏 4/

I ask my nurse why the HCWs aren’t wearing respirator 😷 and she tells me they only wear those around symptomatic patients. 🤦‍♀️

This is our brave new world: We do the best we can to protect ourselves, while others make minimal efforts to stop a deadly and debilitating 🦠 /end

@Vbuy hoping you stay safe. I still mask indoors, but hardly anyone else does. It’s puzzling how dense folks can be.

@Vbuy Oh. Fuck. When I arrive in full hazmat, I get escorted to a private waiting room too.
I now realize that *they are putting me in the Sars-2 infected zone*.

@Vbuy - Doesn't know how? Smh. And the wearing below the nose thing - drives me INSANE 😵

It is nice to hear that at least they require masks there though. Here in AZ, they're not even wearing them in medical settings - at least not ones I've been to.

Stay safe, and hope you annual report came out sparkling 😊

@perpetualmystic Love my doctor and my visit went fine. We’ve got to figure out how to do this differently. For the sake of our children and other vulnerable groups, and for all of us. We are all at risk for getting Long COVID if we get COVID.

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