I guess you know, VB, that govts, msm, & some medicos are complying with the Koch-Murdoch network, which loathes the public sphere & is using #Covid to destroy public health

Eg, "shadowy new nonprofit dedicated to waging war on public health measures" has links to white-supremacist, neo-Confederate ideology. And to Charles Koch's pockets:




#AusPol #USPol #UKPol #CdnPoli #Covid #Covid19

Living with someone who no longer masks is next level challenging. Ask me how I know. 😒

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It’s challenging being the only person left in your family who still wears a mask.

Today I became one of them.

How do you manage it?

We may be third class passengers on the Titanic, but here in the U.S. our captain is Biden. What is he doing while our ship is sinking? In his own words: “I stopped thinking about it.” 💀

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Let’s shine a light on all of the billionaires and government leaders (UK House of Parliament gets purified air, whaaaat?) who are taking precautions not to get COVID and Long COVID through state-of-the-art ventilation systems, same-day testing, and the availability of free N95 respirator 😷s, while asking the rest of us to just learn to live with it.

Is the tipping point of the pandemic?

We’ve all just come to the realization that the rich and powerful are *living with COVID* differently than the rest of us are. By improving indoor air quality.

For those questioning the accuracy of my tweet. Here are the survival rates on the Titanic by class. Third class had the worst survival rate.

And for those saying just stay home and be 100% safe, you realize that not everyone can do that, right? We need to demand that our schools and places of employment are COVID safe.

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If EVERYONE had access to the same COVID protections used for billionaires at the Word Economic Forum—state-of-the-art ventilation systems and same day PCR testing prior to entry, we could significantly reduce the risks of COVID and Long COVID.

We are third class passengers on the Titanic.

A friend just returned from visiting her family. She brought something home with her—sinusitis. She and her DIL with sinusitis both tested with RATs over several days, but results were neg for COVID.

Me: Get a lab PCR test. False neg RATs are more common now.

Her: 😳

For those saying I had COVID but it was only a cold, pls know that it doesn’t work that way for everyone.

Shouldn’t we join forces to curb transmission so that people don’t have to postpone surgery, isolate from family members, miss days at work, & suffer w/ post-acute symptoms?

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*Wash your hands* is ingrained in our daily health practices because we were all taught germ theory.

Airborne transmission occurs when we inhale aerosols that transport infectious pathogens. Why is this so difficult to grasp?

*Improve indoor air quality* must become ingrained.

@Vbuy smh. I'm presently outside at a restaurant and I'm uncomfortable physically but happy to not be inside with COVID.

Requested outdoor seating at a restaurant. It was cold 🥶but there were heaters. And no other diners outside.

The host who seated us: I don’t like to send my wait staff outside this time of year because they are out sick a lot and I don’t want them to catch a cold. 🥴

@Vbuy I think that those of us who understand it will be converted into a plurality or majority by the recklessness of those that refuse to understand by the disabling and death of their cohort. It's sad that we cannot learn from the past or apply logic to real things.

What will it take for us to figure out that impure air we share is making us sick in the same way impure drinking water makes us sick?

The answer is right there in front of us. And it works with all variants. Anything short of this has already been tried and has failed. 😷 💨

Him: How did you find out about this mask?
Me: From mask experts and the COVID aware community on Twitter!
Him: 😲

TIL that the EPA is doing research on mask effectiveness. 🤩

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