Work lunch at a Korean Mexican fusion restaurant that was weird but not bad at all.

@Valette I googled "Korean Mexican Fusion Alaska" and my reaction to the first result was similarly "Too much Mexican, not enough Korean"

@zompus That was exactly my feelings.

Also I just copied your search and Taco Bell is the top listing for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@zompus That must be one of their dessert OG Fried Balls? Rolled in your choice of cereal crumbs. I did not order this.

@Valette Reverse-engineering their menu, I believe someone looked up a few Korean marinade/sauce recipes, cooked some meat in them, and otherwise stuffed everything into tortillas of various shapes and sizes. Also obtained a shipment of kimchi from Amazon or equivalent.

@Valette Judging by the pictures they sure do like that spicy mayo sauce, which I'm sure is mayo mixed with siracha.

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