There is Something happening at work---people walking around rather quickly, closed door meetings and teleconferences---and I rather like not knowing what's going on.

@zompus After a really terrible 18mo (which ended a year ago) where we lost 2/3 of our staff and we were writing emails as a group, this is nice! I'm not involved!

@Valette I'm frequently in those meetings. You're on the right side of the door.

If it weren't for cannabis I don't think I'd survive.

@Rtzq0 I used to be in them all the time and agree that this side of the door is better.

@Valette "Hi and welcome to sociopathic ego jousting try not to get impaled"

I've gotten much better at forcing some humanity back into the process but it can be *so* draining.

A friend of mine once said "consulting is upper-class emotional labor". She was nonwrong

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