I feel really shitty for not crediting France Corbel for this image, especially now with all the attention it is getting. traitspourtraits.tumblr.com/

@Valette I love this image. Though it makes me wonder what we all think of as what defines our worth. It is that worth doesn't exist when speaking about human life? I think there are hierarchies we hold on to even in the most left circles. There are lives we put much more value on then others. So how do we confront that.

@wakest @Valette worth is something that is measured when viewed from the perspective of a certain goal.

Many people measure themselves from the perspective of achieving money, status and productivity - which might make sense in an office but not outside of it.

There's many other things in life you can measure yourself by, if measuring is something you want to do.

@polychrome @Valette I find myself thinking of metrics quite often but then am very critical of the potential metrics we end up using by default when we are making the assumption we are not using anything. Even saying things like I like this and don't like that become a value judgement and sometimes feel like we need to break free. I want to acknowledge so many different things and ways all at once.


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