How Do You Build Something When You Don’t Know What to Build?

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Want to make a huge contribution to Mastodon adoption?

Create and maintain a Debian package for Mastodon. If you know anyone fluent in making and maintaining Debian packages, please share this with them. Let’s reduce the complexity of installing Mastodon on Debian-based distributions (e.g., Ubuntu) down to running a single command and watch the instance numbers shoot up! :)

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What do you think if we hosted a nice, open source, publicly-editable Mastodon web client on Glitch? Useful?

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Updated the examples on Set—my unobtrusive JavaScript templating engine—to display the public timeline from my own Mastodon instance using the new unauthenticated public timeline API (thanks @Gargron)



We have nothin but love for Spike Lee. (Wish he'd have mastodon so we could tag him).

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