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New Blog Post on the Challenge of Gifts, copied from a scrap of paper I was able to read despite having written it in my own hand ?-years ago.

I did like the but it was too much time in the kitchen for me. I don't like cooking that much. Intermittent is much easier. I'm so weird most people don't even blink when I tell them my plan.

Yesterday I offered to let a co-worker leave some sweet treats for her team near my desk because one of her teammates had drama over being too close to sugar. I was for the day and I've lost the uncontrollable urge for sugar since doing a , so I said leave it thee because it wouldn't bother me.

Today, however, I am not fasting and there's leftover pizza.

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Two episodes in with the latest . There are parts that make me squeal with joy at the fun of it all, and parts that make me think the writers are addressing the audience directly.

The version we saw recently genderflipped Curly and Ado Annie and the move didn't add anything. In fact it made a few lines not make sense: Ado Andy talks about haging a baby. Will responds it should look like him. Doesn't work that way, folks.

You've got two people in love who don't act on it and the reason why isn't explained until Act 2. You've a character who is basically the poster boy for Jordan Peterson's incel movement and the first significant action with him is "if you kill yourself maybe we'll say nice things about you." This is from the "hero" of the musical.

A week after seeing ! I'm still pretty sure it's just a bad story with bad characters and rotten information flow.

I have finally unsubscribed from a toxic discussion on The Movie Database about Solo: A Star Wars Story. It seems the discussion board has been overrun with people who hate Star Wars. Why people feel the need to endlessly complain is beyond me. Do we award life points for snark?

My boss just told me to expect an actual cash bonus in my paycheck for taking on a PITA task and making it work. I'm gobsmacked.

I am so tired I almost used "proact" as a verb.

I was looking forward to Captain Marvel as a recovery from Infnity War. Emily Asher-Perrin brings up some good points about other ways the movie could be refreshing.

Had a health screening at work. They didn't fatshame me and I was expecting a fight over it. I guess not getng into an argument is okay?

Today I was complimented on the Universal Good Looking Hat. Normally I'd think the person was being sarcastic or blind, but I thanked him and offered him a go with the UGLH. He looked good in that hat. I didn't let him keep it, though.

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