Lowlight of my day: Almost running over two people who decided to hual a pair of pallettes across a blind curve on I-5 was a good idea.

Narrator: it wasn't a good idea.

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Avengers was a good, satisfactory ending to the MCU.

You Tube tutorial person: "I don't understand RGBA, but I understand color." No, good sir, you do not. Not on a computer interface, anyway.

Went to a new chiropractor today. They neither fat-shamed me nor did they class-shame me, so I have hope for them.

I keep asking myself how the bastards keep winning but then I remembered that they do not care who gets hurt along the way until they are the ones hurt.

@dansup What would be the difference from Mastodon? Longer entries?

While downstairs on the human-sized hampster wheel where there are three TVs, there was one talking head on the sports one with ashes on his forehead. It was an unexpected reminder.

I have a follow-up with my primary care specialist in three weeks. Because the US health care system is broken.

I have been in physical therapy for a couple of weeks to loosen my shoulders. I have found my guitar practice much easier, but I am also gettiwg new pains that mimic a heart attack. According to the ER doc, it wasn't. It sure scared me, though.

Word of the day: PowerPointless: A slide deck containing one slide with a single sentence or short list, usually embedded as an image.

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Snow! But not sticking. I can hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth from all the teachers and school bus drivers I know.

I just realized that I have never seen mashup between Conan the Barbarian and Babar the King of elephants and once again I wish I could draw.

My normal bass rumble is too mumbly for the barista compared to the 70s-era noise in this place.

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