Came home to find a hat hanging on my door. Solar Escape. Wide brim. Leather strap. It's not my hat and a tad too big for me. I'm very confused.

No, FitBit, I did not loose 200 lbs. I missed a number in my weight log.

@monorail wouldn't they not light up if wired backwards? I new to the hobby so I may be talking pablum.

Tonight we start rehearsing for the annual choir fundraiser on March 1. I don't know if I have two months of song and dance in me.

One of my resolutions was to read every story in the magazines I subscribe to. That means 80 short stories for January and a half-dozen novelas and novelets. On top of this I want to read novels and get some writing done? I think I've gone mad.

looks gorgeous and plotless. may be tte winner. It's a movie we forgot about. Or . That one had my attention so long ago I thought I missed it, and it hasn't even been released.

We might do if there is a late enough showing but personally I'm not terribly excited about it. may be fun but we haven't seen the first one. Same for the second . It looks fun, though.

was the apparent choice but the movie didn't earn another viewing. would fill the superhero slot abandoned this year, but I couldn't look myself in the mirror next year if I paid money for a non property.

Every year my wife and I spend at a movie, so we never notice midnight and avoid the fireworks and drunken idiots. Sadly it doesn't look good for prospects. We like to watch fun movies, and are fine with second viewings if the movie earned it.

We discovered we had tickets to Dr. DeGrasse Tyson's talk for last night. Chistmas or birthday gift, I think. He stayed in his lane and didn't go full Dawkins, so that was nice.

It was a bad year for . I expect to finish my autopsy tomorrow.

The plan, as always, is sprints and maybe an episode, and avoiding leaving the house at all costs.

We have come to the horrible conclusion that we have no more black tea in the house, so one of us has to face the world today.

I'm having a "damn I'm old" moment. New employee with some graphic design background and it started the "when I was your age..." and I realized I never learned web design in my graphic design courses. The World Wide Web didn't exist yet.

@grammargirl According to Earth Girls Are Easy it's B-L-A-N-D

We lost a good one today. Raise a glass and cry Excelsior! There are many ways Stan Lee shaped us with visions of something better.

I decided to work on in Google Docs so I would have flexibility between three computers, a phone, and a tablet. This year I decided to actually use the outline feature to move through the file easily.

Most of the books I've read actually discourage talking about fasting and normally I wouldn't, but I have had several conversations and so far everyone is supportive. I know the food manufacturers don't like it because it's less money in their pockets. Frankly, I'd rather eat out on the meals I do eat because a) I don't like cooking, and b) I can spend my money locally.

@bethskw My condolences. Technology is a miracle until the moment it isn't.

Much to my horror, I have become an evangelist for and I'm not sure I like that role.

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