There's a question on Reddit asking for obsucer sitcoms that nobody knows. I suspect they're looking for current shows but I keep hearing a joke from Best in the West and another from Dave's World. I'm old.

I guess with Epiphany being last Wednesday and all we should probably take down the Christmas tree and nativity... right?

Many years ago I was heavy into POV-Ray, and came back to it to redo something I put together back in 2001. I expanded a few scenes and updated a lot of code.


Apparently whatever happened, unhappened, and I can see stuff. There is a gap between Aug 18th and my previous post, though.

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I.find it hard to believe that everyone in my feed stopped using thisnservice on the same day. 27 days since the last toot? Really?

I mean, I don't think Cain was a good person outside of his personal bubble. I'm sure he was kind to his friends, loved his family, but he hated the stranger and other.

I am shocked to hear about . It's tempting to fall into schadenfreude. I wonder if , who also died of COVID, contracted it a T rally.

Today's learning task is to use unittest.Mock to test date-based utilities I'm refactoring. Joy, oh joy.

"It is impossible for a person to begin to learn what he thinks he already knows." --Epictetus, Discourses 2.17.1

I'm being plagued by Excel's refusal to load add-ins but leave them enabled, making them useless. So far the only solution I've found is registry edits. I can't think of a more dangerous way to get Microsoft products to work the way the should.

Doctor Who Spoiler 

I really like what Chibnall is doing with the Judoon episode. Then @Chemspin pointed out we will call her Dr. Ruth and no I'm not so sure.#

Back from a second round of and I wonder if the sequel trilogy is really . I mean, nobody loses a limb.

Question for the hive mind: When you took in school, were you taught Justifications or Proofs? And when did you take the class?

Oh hey, Mastodon is back! I've been trying to log in for over a week.

day 1: Managed to finish the first scene but completely forgot to add the knee injury to my protagonist. I'll get back in there with a sledgehammer later.

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