Lifter Brain is checking the weight on the bar five times and getting six answers.

I admit that I did not go downtown to the Nazi gathering today with a sign reading "Jesus loves you" and singing "They'll know we are Christians by our love." I really wanted to, but I didn't feel like getting my ass kicked today.

suicide, facebook 

suicide, facebook 

I'm listening to Acaville streaming at work and trying to get Microsoft Office to work. I apparently shouting like a gamer losing a Fortnite Battle: Copy! C'mon, Copy! Just copy the damn text! It's a clipboard! You know how to use the clipboard!

I should have canceled the "emergency" call someone else scheduled for half-an-hour before I wake up in the morning.

I am attempting to learn a simple ML algorithm and taking really small baby steps toward getting there.

I referred to my work desk as the "Cubicle of Conundrums". Why did it take me so long to come up with this?

American Health Care 

American Health Care 

How many drafts of a blog post can WordPress delete before I give up for the day?

It is a slow day at work, which is perfect for scouring Stack Overflow for help learning Pandas to replace Power Query. It's a good thing I like problem-solving.

So I bought a MobiScribe and it's good for writing, but not much else as far as I can tell. I have yet to successfully back up a note and apply OCR to it.

Ack! We lollygagged so long this morning we're now late for the dilly-dallying.

Lowlight of my day: Almost running over two people who decided to hual a pair of pallettes across a blind curve on I-5 was a good idea.

Narrator: it wasn't a good idea.

#Endgame spoiler 

Avengers was a good, satisfactory ending to the MCU.

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