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to hunt Shai-hulud is to embark on a fool’s errand. the worm is too cunning, too large, the most you can hope for is your maker hooks bent past efficacy, your body slowly crushed between two ring segments as your holtzman force field drives the maker into a writhing frenzy. the wise man hunts the halfwit harkonnen

Irish Catholic stuff 

just heard an interview with a Magdalene survivor on the radio and I'm in an extremely Stalinist mood.

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I love going to food blogs for inspiration and then listening to my computers fans fire like a jet engine going off from all the ads

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Boost this tweet if you wish to receive a fine steel blade from an anonymous donor. If you are pure of heart, you will receive the sacred implement posthaste.

Just applied for the Deloitte Graduate program. It's in Transfer Pricing.

In Dublin.

...maybe if they say no I'll be able to get clean again.

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Cyberpunk circa 1990: *puts sunglasses on* I'm hacking into the cybernet virtual reality AI mainframe.

Cyberpunk circa 2018: I'm boopin' a buncha toots right here on

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wierd irish / american politics thing 

listening to mic dicta and I just learnt that a legal scholar from NUI fucking MAYNOOTH was called in to an American court to argue that the emmoluments clause doesn't apply to trump? What the fuck is going on over there?

accidentally opened the hellsite but it worked out 


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Ah we can toot if we want to, we can leave your friends behind
Cause your friends don't toot and if they don't toot
Well they're are no friends of mine

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What we thought Mastodon would be: freedom from right-libertarian techboys

What Mastodon turned out to be: absolute licence to be EXTREMELY horny on main

poop joke 

you know it was a good wedding when you give the bowl breakfast, lunch and dinner

thoughts on twitter, politics, etc 

jesus christ it's so fuckin bad. how did I not notice before? I only looked at my uk feed for a few minutes. terfs threatening children, farage and robinson are back, the roaring evil of the dwp, another disgusting atrocity in Yemen and the malicious stupidity of Britain's media. I don't want to be ignorant of this but how the fuck did I ever bear constant exposure to it? I thought I enjoyed fairly robust mental health but now I wonder just a little bit.

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trying to figure out how threads work here. seems like it doesn't hide nested replies, which is nice

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