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I'm glad everyone is afraid of the freeweigts room so no one can hear me grunting when I deadlift

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Hey in case you missed it on birdsite I'm shitpost engaged (but also it's for real lmao I'm still losing my shit)

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@ShugoWah Not sure how to feel about it myself. My main instinct is 'let him fuck off back to that wierd crypto fash instance' but I can see the argument that it sets a bad precedent. I suppose only time will tel if it does.

And it's so bitter, even with three spoons of sugar

I'm trying kava again but so far it's only making my tongue numb

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the fingers of hell's armies close around my throat as i send my final toot: "Bone Cum"

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far from stealing a piece of their souls, a furry grows more powerful every time you photograph them in their fursuit

Irish politics 

god Ivor Callely wasa stupid little bastard

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yes, I *will* quote Foucault at you but I will *also* only pronounce it Fucko, so I think it evens out

mccain, fucking twitter 

just saw an Italian John McCain account on twitter.

(politics, nihilism) a fun thing to do is 

@bax_books the sincere faith that *this* is finally what will get him is very dispiriting

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im gay.

(the artists name is crow but idk their accounts i just know them on discord)

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