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Another pregen player character for ESPionge, Codename: Dewey. She has the power to channel characters from books, fictional or historical. There’s a bit of a challenge for the player. Even a well-read one will have difficulty pulling a character from a book they read years ago. But that’s why we have Google on our phones.

Going to try a thing: white guys, please boost!!

Comment here if you're: queer and/or BIPOC and you are interested in talking about #TTRPGs #GameDesign #LARP or #games #art so we can create some discoverability for marginalized folks trying to find community with each other

I'll start! I'm a queer trans nb person who designs and publishes tabletop games and LARPs about gender and queerness. My jam lately has been happy games about queer people finding love and community

#introduction #lgbtq

Let’s try this again. Where you at #fediverse? Boosts welcome so we can get the best sample size.

He’s a good example of how aspect ratio opens up possibilities. The tag “--ar 3:4” opens up the length of the image allowing Midjourney to fill out the shoulders. Because upper body clothing is in the prompt it opened up even more and draw his upper body.

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Midjourney nailed this character quickly with the prompt: “A nondescript, partially-balding, white man in his early 30s in jeans, t-shirt, and windbreaker” I don’t know what happened to his head in the first image.
This is Codename: Burbank, the man who can ignore reality and plays by 1990s action movie rules. The only character I’ll let climb through air ducts.

Here's an example of Midjouney limitation I've come up against; characters posing with household items.
This is Milly Benson, an Open Source Intelligence Analyst Thrust Out into the Field. Milly carries a flashlight that lets her read Kirlian auras, and old one, aluminum and covered in ridges. Midjourney could not make a specific flashlight, and it had a hard time putting it in her hand.

Man goes to doctor. Says he's depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says, 'Treatment is simple. Go on twitter, great clown Elon Musk is destroying his reputation and all three of his businesses with increasing erratic behaviour and incompetence, the schadenfreude will cheer you up!’

‘But, Doctor…” says the man…

If you were going to play an atypical character in a #ttrpg , which would you most like to play?

If you haven't explored the Mastodon filters yet I recommend you try them. They're easy to set up and provide great options to make your experience better. I'm not sure of their presence in the mobile apps, but you can set them up on the website and their effects will work on all your devices.

#help #new

She's a pregen character in the ESPionage one-shots, but no one's played her yet. So I made her the face of RIS in the playtest campaign.
It took a few tries to get an image of a "strict turkish professional woman" that looked contemporary.

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More adventures in Midjourney. I'm using it to generate concept art for the ESPionge RPG. Once I have a full set, I'll print these out on 4'x3' cards. So while I'm running one-shots at cons I can just say, "This guy enters the room" and drop the card without slowing down play.
Starting with Dr Azra Karaca, the calm, cold, and collected Player from Rainbow Intelligence Services.

Hey! I've just been alerted to the fact that @zerotier is here in the #fediverse now 😀

Not spon'd, but #ZeroTier is legit the best. It basically lets you use Software Defined Networking in any #network environment, I run most of my networking infrastructure across it, and it's effectively indistinguishable in performance from just connecting two devices together.

If you're in security, have a look in how they can bring SDN into your environment (home or otherwise), and if you're looking to build a VPN to your home environment, consider using ZT instead :D ***Beeg*** fan here haha

I've been playing with to create temporary art for the ESPionage for . It's placeholder art for now, if the book is picked up by the publisher it'll be concept art (since the scene is hostile to AI generated art). If I end up then the placeholder art will get promoted to just, art, since some of the pieces Midjourney generated are spot on.

More than any city view, LA implies possibly. So much going on in so much space.

If it can't be done from a bash shell using vim, it doesn't need to be done.

Hi Mastodonians, I'm Tone Milazzo Author of Picking Up the Ghost and The Faith Machine. Looking for an alternative to Twitter. I'm currently developing a of psychics and Spies for

I hit a real stride with “spy stealing classified documents illustrated pen and ink 21st century” a lot of usable images came from that prompt.

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