Years ago, while getting my hair cut at a new place, the barber bent my ear about his plans to buy some land in East County San Diego and put up a shipping container house. I couldn't convince him he'd be air frying himself over the summer, but he convinced me to find another, smarter, barber

When you feel like you're not good enough... always remember, Rudy Giuliani exists.

People who say "collusions" instead of "conspiracy" in order to sound more intelligent are about as smart as people who say "Sasquach" instead of "Bigfoot" in order to be taken more seriously.

I set up autofs to mount shares off my NAS over , all before lunch.
This guy knows how to party.

I had a lot of ideas for future ESPionage stories. It hurts but I gotta file off the labels and maybe reuse the idea in a more marketable property.

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I'm importing all my random story notes from, Google Keep, cloud repositories, and notebooks into a single vault.
I had one big list of random elements called The Well. I'm splitting that up into four lists People, Places, Plots, and Things. I created another page called Prompter which will present one element from each list as my own Oblique Strategies.
Also rewriting these ideas to make them less specific.

Was told to bring my 'A Game'
Showed up with a beat up copy of Sorry!
And it's missing pieces.

@ideasmithy Probably a banana and a protein shake. Not as photographic, I know.

@PanDimensional Very nice! Have you heard the Moorcock themed odcast, Breakfast in the Ruins? They're currently covering the Elric novel Fortress of the Pearl

@kensanata Please add me to Comics, Dogs, Fantasy, RPG, Science Fiction, Writing.

Lad Ash by Real Lies @_real_lies This one takes be back to the heyday of trip hop. If you have fond memories of Tricky this is probably for you.

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Monochrome IIII by woob mono I'm not sure how to categorize this. The heavy use of theatrical samples reminds me of Skinny Puppy but with less horror movie and more midnight headtrip.

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Rituals E7.001 by The Future Sound of London - synthwave with a bit of a kick. Reminds me of more mallow examples of breakbeat

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