Streaming music from my home media server at 320mbps, no ads, no one collecting my data, and no artists being ripped off.

Paper Girls is definitely better when binged.
And the show's pilot's the most intense I've seen since Lost.

Far from my largest Comic-Con stack.
I wasn't actively searching out new books this year, since I have a dozen unread trade paperbacks from Special Edition and Comicfest.

I'm importing all my random story notes from, Google Keep, cloud repositories, and notebooks into a single vault.
I had one big list of random elements called The Well. I'm splitting that up into four lists People, Places, Plots, and Things. I created another page called Prompter which will present one element from each list as my own Oblique Strategies.
Also rewriting these ideas to make them less specific.

This May the 4th, take a moment to remember the greatest star war movie, its noble heroes and their sacrifice.

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