It's Bandcamp Friday! When the full revenue goes directly to the artist. Here's what I bought, how about you?

Cepheus Origin by State Azure - I own the entire discography so you could say I'm a fan. This album seems expressly written as background music for a scifi tabletop rpg.

Rituals E7.001 by The Future Sound of London - synthwave with a bit of a kick. Reminds me of more mallow examples of breakbeat

Monochrome IIII by woob mono I'm not sure how to categorize this. The heavy use of theatrical samples reminds me of Skinny Puppy but with less horror movie and more midnight headtrip.

Lad Ash by Real Lies @_real_lies This one takes be back to the heyday of trip hop. If you have fond memories of Tricky this is probably for you.

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