Hi Mastodonians, I'm Tone Milazzo Author of Picking Up the Ghost and The Faith Machine. Looking for an alternative to Twitter. I'm currently developing a of psychics and Spies for

@ToneMilazzo Welcome, Tone! Nice to see a familiar (virtual) face :)

@mindbat This community is small enough that I just happened to see you while idly checking while waiting on a user's Windows to update

@ToneMilazzo Ha, thank goodness for the relatively small (but mighty!) fediverse-world, then :)

I’ve just come back after a long hiatus (on a different instance, that no longer exists) due to the, um, *coughs* Musky business over on birdsite.

@mindbat I'm curious how the instances will play out as the user base grows. I can imagine an instance that caters to trolls allowing the rest of us to mass block them. Well, I can dream...

@ToneMilazzo I think that already happens! I’ve seen lists of instances that are perma-blocked from other (more moderated) instances, I’m assuming in an attempt to keep the trolls and bots at bay.

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