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Hi Mastodonians, I'm Tone Milazzo Author of Picking Up the Ghost and The Faith Machine. Looking for an alternative to Twitter. I'm currently developing a of psychics and Spies for

Was told to bring my 'A Game'
Showed up with a beat up copy of Sorry!
And it's missing pieces.

@kensanata Please add me to Comics, Dogs, Fantasy, RPG, Science Fiction, Writing.

Lad Ash by Real Lies @_real_lies This one takes be back to the heyday of trip hop. If you have fond memories of Tricky this is probably for you.

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Monochrome IIII by woob mono I'm not sure how to categorize this. The heavy use of theatrical samples reminds me of Skinny Puppy but with less horror movie and more midnight headtrip.

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Rituals E7.001 by The Future Sound of London - synthwave with a bit of a kick. Reminds me of more mallow examples of breakbeat

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Cepheus Origin by State Azure - I own the entire discography so you could say I'm a fan. This album seems expressly written as background music for a scifi tabletop rpg.

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It's Bandcamp Friday! When the full revenue goes directly to the artist. Here's what I bought, how about you?

This also applies to where 5E dominates despite the amazing array of available options. It's tough to carve out a niche when the community can't see past the tent poles.

This May the 4th, take a moment to remember the greatest star war movie, its noble heroes and their sacrifice.

Reboot of "Touched by an Angel" but they're biblically accurate angels, and each episode follows survivors desperately fleeing lovecraftian angels through the ruins of burnt out cities, navigating crowds of corroding salt pillars and fields of scorched, blighted crops

I've installed the Mega cloud storage app on my Synology NAS on a NFS shared folder called 'Mega'
Ultimately, I want to remove the app from all 5 of my computers and use the shared drive.
The big hold out is the which doesn't seem to be able to mount NFS.
The current solution is to enable SMB, mount the share, do what I have to do, then disable SMB.
These are the lengths I go to avoid buying an Sync account...

Yeah! Nice idea 💡 #SelfPromoSaturday

I’m going to be finishing up my first run of Long Haul 1983 and then sinking further into the spiraling apocalyptic sewage vortex of #morkborg and trying out a couple of solo oracles/guides I’ve found for playing it solo 👈2pm CST

@kennon #ttrpg #ad #selfpromo #twitch #livestream

And by reflex, I'm putting links in responses, which is almost certainly not the way to do it here.

Anyway, if you enjoy #ttrpg with a depressing bent of despair inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, check out probably my most popular game - One White Eye!

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"But I want Mastodon to be the new Twitter!"

The only way it can do that is by playing the same game as Twitter: data harvesting, antipatterns, VC funding, intolerable billionaires. I don't want that. And if you *really* want that I don't think I like you.

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Going through the and it's clear that 90% of users have written an if-then statement within the last week.

Hey, there! One more birdsite refugee joining the fediverse 👋

I'm a programmer working for an open-source company. I write fiction in my (meagre) spare time, and am slowly working my way through my everest-sized TBR pile 😅

#introductions #books #programming #opensource

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