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Hi Mastodonians, I'm Tone Milazzo Author of Picking Up the Ghost and The Faith Machine. Looking for an alternative to Twitter. I'm currently developing a of psychics and Spies for

I hit a real stride with “spy stealing classified documents illustrated pen and ink 21st century” a lot of usable images came from that prompt.

And Here’s “ESPionage,” Pretty sure this is case insensitive.

Of the artists it knows, most are fine artists. It has a vague awareness of the King. Here’s “spies noir .”

It’s good at creating its own abstracts, but the range of abstraction is limitless. Try and point it to a target, and it rarely hits. Don’t ask me why, but I asked for “man in a dark suit with a baby for a head, photorealistic.”

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Since I pictured in the role of Dr. Ken Park, I asked for “Steven Yeun as .” If you squint, you can see it. I suspect the AI’s better trained on other celebrities.

is good at producing quality art, but not the art I asked for.
My first prompt: “psychics and spies red and black in saul bass style” (Saul Bass being the artist whose style I’m biting). I didn’t ask for gray aliens, but there it is.

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The Beta release of the ESPionage is almost ready. I don’t want to distribute it as a plain Word document, nor am I prepared to commission art, considering it doesn’t have a proper layout. But, having seen some of the fantastic pieces turned out, I figured I’d see if could grind out some placeholder .
You feed Midjourney a prompt, and it makes an image it feels matches.
As I suspected, the products were good, but the communication left something to be desired.

Chrome is getting rid of all adblockers in January of 2023. (essentially browser extensions will no longer be allowed to execute code, fromwhat I understand.) we're all gonna have to switch to something that doesn't use Chromium (Firefox, the answer is Firefox)

I'll keep playing around with it for placeholder pieces. But I suspect this will never completely replace a human artist. Not if accuracy is required.

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This is my favorite of the initial four options. I didn't ask for gray aliens, but they showed up anyway. I asked for variants of the image and got this: Which I like on its own merits, but isn't quite right.

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As the ESPionage RPG for is approaching a readable 1st draft, I started playing around with the AI art generator Midjourney to create a cover for the Beta Test edition.
I gave it the prompt "psychics and spy thriller, red and black, saul bass style."

I'm overhearing a conversation in Spanish, which I don't understand. But the speaker occasionally interjects, "Dude, honestly" which I do.

Streaming music from my home media server at 320mbps, no ads, no one collecting my data, and no artists being ripped off.

Check out, @mrbenja and Paul Ecdao of Thumbprint Gallery for a glimpse into the world of gallery art.
And come back to his Insta at 6pm Pacific to hear me talk about the writing struggle.

Join me at Benja Con 3, live on Instagram today at 6pm Pacific. To talk about my two novels, Picking Up the Ghost and The Faith Machine In the meantime, here he is talking to Dr Robottom.

I'll be live on MrBenja's insta today at 6pm (Pacific) as part of Benja Con 3. Talking about writing, gaming, and computer stuff.
In the meantime, here he's talking to Omar Ortega - San Diego recording artist.

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