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Third time taking a trip up this 38% grade hill, which requires a wide turn at the top without stopping to make it through successfully.

...Oops, didn't turn as wide as I should have. 5 mph tipover in the shoulder.

Need a new mirror now, but everything else is totally unhurt.

" right honourable friend the Prime Minister, the leader of the House, and other members of the Cabinet, whose serial disloyalty has been such an inspiration for so many of us." (

UK Parliament still has that sharp-tongued wit down pat. 😆

BTW, most cockatiels DON'T like being manhandled like this. Be gentle.

He's 21 years old and very set in his ways about where he wants to be scratched and petted, and will complain if it's not good enough. 😆

It's certainly true that vegetarians and vegans want additional options, but separate fryers and such aren't a primary focus for the reason that they aren't the main target market. Again with the meat substitutes this week! :P

The market segment that and are trying to open up isn't really vegetarians; it's (largely younger) consumers who want the smaller environmental footprint of plant-based protein.

The regular size Fries clocks in at around 1000 calories.

Since the US can't catch up with the units the rest of the world uses, I propose we change food energy units. Rather than using calories, we measure in mFGF, which can be colloquially pronounced "millifries".

Please pardon my language, but...

Good riddance, motherfucker, and make sure to let the door hit your ass on the way out.

(This is the guy who ran against a triple amputee Vietnam vet, Max Cleland, mainly on the grounds that Cleland was "un-American".)

Nope, total failure. Now the parking lot is closed off, I can't find where to park, and it doesn't look like the drive-thru is open either. Just a line of people out the door, no idea where *they* parked.

Test marketing gets an A for popularity, D for logistics.

I thought, let's go try the Fried Chicken today, and get there early. It's only been open for a half hour, and it's drizzling out, so nobody's really going to be waiting in li—


People around the block and cars for a half mile. Trying again later. 😆

Well... I hope they don't run out by the time I get there for lunch tomorrow, because I'll be there. OM NOM NOM


ICYMI: Tomorrow, Beyond Fried Chicken™ will make its debut in a limited one store test in Atlanta, GA, crowning as the 1st U.S. national QSR to introduce plant-based chicken!

Learn more here ➡️


I have to say, my eyes hit the photo before the headline on this one, because at this scale it looks like a close-up of some kind of dessert.

Broke: Poking fun at people in their 40s by saying jokes about how they're "so old" when in your teens and twenties

Woke: Finally understanding why those mean jokes were so damned hilarious to the 40-somethings you told them to as a youngster You really need animated stickers to obey the no animation flag in Android just like GIFs do. Some people need automated motion turned off for accessibility reasons, not just bandwidth.

So very tempted to set my primary language preference to Middle English at my doctor's office.

I should ask whether they have a time machine hidden on premises. 🤣

I've been to a bar on a motorcycle, but I do *not* ride impaired. If I haven't given enough hours for my kidneys to get a drink out of my system, it's a taxi/Lyft/Uber for me. Drinking and riding is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

Psychedelics are back in research after decades of political paranoia because of promising applications in medicine and elsewhere. (My migraines can vouch.)

Here's a panel presentation from about psychedelics given yesterday.

1. Like, "duh?"

2. No, this was neither disclosed to users, nor was it possible to opt out.

3. Y'all trust FB while calling out Google, which says up front what it does with data, as a "privacy nightmare" (especially oblivious iPhone Siri users)? 🤦‍♂️

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