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we all have our own feelings about the corporate monetization of what began as a radical protest movement

but it’s not nothing to have moved the needle so far that companies have decided the big money is on the side of pandering to us instead of to the people who hate us


So this , remember that WE ARE NOT DONE, and we will not be done for some time to come. Fight for equality, for fairness for all, for the rights everyone deserves to share in.

We celebrate because we can, and we continue to fight because we must. /end

Gay men and lesbians have won a great deal of progress in recent decades, but we can't sit back and relax.

It's now our responsibility to keep fighting for those still marginalized: trans folks and queer people of color, just for starters. /4

But it's not over by a long shot. The decade of the 2000s showed us just how fast social progress can snap back at us, and the current political climate shows how easy it still is to oppress others.

There are still grand fights to win. /3

I've only been politically aware for the last quarter-century, and in that time I went from frightened teenager, to fiery activist, to confident mentor.

I can see just how much better life has become for those who have followed after me. How fighting so hard paid off. /2

As Pride month opens, nearing the 50th anniversary of the riot at the Stonewall Inn, I am crying happy tears.

I've loved, I've been married, I have seen progress I never thought I'd witness, and I have friends of the next generation who now look up to me as a role model. /1

" is so corporate"

I remember when we were lucky to have fewer than half a dozen companies, worldwide, supporting us.

If they want to come welcome and court us even when we're at our most expressive — because I'm *not* going to be subdued — bring it, I'll grab my wallet!

I have to emphasize that this is VERY anecdotal. However, these two cities, due to their diverse racial and cultural makeup, tend to get hit hard when economic winds change.

So I'm fearful that this is a sign of more to come, and that it may be worse than economists think.

I've seen remarkable informal correlations between dramatic increase in *visible* homeless populations, in cities like Atlanta and Cleveland, and impending economic downturns. Happened in 2000, and again in 2007-2009.

The visible homeless population of Atlanta is surging again.

And while there is reasonable argument that genitalia shouldn't be on open display, if you have a problem with people dressing flamboyantly, gender-bending, or wearing unconventional material or costumes that may be suggestive-but-not-lewd...

Don't attend, kthxbai.

RT Pride were started by sex workers, that whole riot would not have happened without us, if you are on the side of the ones telling us we are too sexual and therefore dangerous to children, you are siding with the police at Stonewall, pride is ours, the sexual deviants, not yours.


Again adding to my analogy that Mueller is a kindergarten teacher wishing that corporal punishment were still acceptable.

I'd spank you, Donnie, for doing bad things, but I'm not allowed to. 😆


Mueller: Did ANYONE do the reading assignment?

Warren: [raises hand]

Mueller: Anyone OTHER than Elizabeth?


A bar like that is not getting my patronage, and most of my friends would be equally ready to go elsewhere.

It was only 10 years ago that police raided a gay bar right here in Atlanta, and we are quite averse to anyone collecting information about bar patrons.



It's time you learned about a new ID scanner bars are using to surveil customer behavior, categorize patrons, and inform bars in other parts of the country who to similarly ban from their establishment.


Mueller was essentially a living warrant canary today.

I can't tell you that there was a crime, because policy prevents me from charging a particular person, BUT IF THERE WERE NO CRIME WE WOULD HAVE SAID SO.

A kindergartener would understand this coded language.

On this week's politics podcast, has a fever dream about and the Democratic Presidential candidate debates.

Rest up and get better, Galen! The real race hasn't even begun yet. 😆

Not regretting the fact that I use FB solely for its Messenger to keep in touch with a few holdouts.

I bring up the site, on average, less than once a month.

Really ? Proselytizing in the AIRPORT train station?

Pardon my language, but that's fucking despicable. You should be ashamed.


Our life depends on others so much that at the root of our existence is a fundamental need for love. That is why it is good to cultivate an authentic sense of responsibility and concern for the welfare of others.


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