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It's safe to say that I'm emotionally numb to it all now.

That's a pretty standard coping mechanism, and why I tend to be the one in my friend group to take the torch in crisis situations.

I can fully grieve and let it out when the world is closer to normal again.

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So let me get this straight: the Trump administration is willing to hand out $500B to corporations to save executives, but isn't willing to spend $1 billion on more ventilators to save the American people?

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@dredmorbius I'm not saying it's a bad prediction, I'm just trying to rely on people who are in that field. Their models don't paint a pretty picture either, so I'm treating it all the same way: we are, to some extent, screwed.

@dredmorbius I have specifically avoided trying to look into this kind of simple modeling, trusting in friends who work at the CDC, because we aren't just lagging behind on testing, we've done essentially no testing until recently.

The immense spike in New York is specifically because mass testing has finally begun, so our growth rate is currently based on pre-existing but newly discovered cases.

It's bad, but I don't think anyone has a handle on *how* bad until we get better statistics.

I fully expect tomorrow's press conference to look like this.

Official: "The US now leads the world in number of confirmed cases..."

Trump: "Of course we lead the world, we're the greatest country on Earth!"

Reporter: "You know (s)he was talking about infection count, right?"


It's not just older people.

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.... I just lost a friend to ... because the American medical system refused to test him...

he died of cardiac arrest today... he was 25, and he died because they didn’t think he was a priority...

We spoke Monday about it... and they wouldn’t test him.

When friends downplayed the risks as shutdown actions started, arguing red-faced that it's all "overreaction," I said that I hoped to be proven wrong.

I'm *not* happy to be right about the number of cases getting a lot worse. This is just the beginning.


This is what happens when the health care system is run on a for-profit basis and politicians dupe you into thinking that means you get more "choice"; as we're starting to see in NYC: we're screwed.

Social infrastructure is not optional.

48-62% potential spread by presymptomatic or asymptomatic people.

If you're out there and not taking precautions because you "feel fine", you likely have it, and you're likely giving it to others.

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Update from @ECDC_EU@twitter.com:
- the majority of coronavirus infections may be spread by people without symptoms (48-62%, based on modelling)
- people without symptoms may be just as infectious as people with symptoms ("No significant difference in viral load")

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“If you are irresponsible enough to think that you don’t mind if you get the flu, remember it’s not about you - it’s about everybody else.”

Intensive care specialist Professor Hugh Montgomery explains why this coronavirus is different from the ordinary flu.

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The federal government isn't just there to "back you up should you fail". It's there to hold this country together. FEMA et al. exists for a reason.

What a douchebag. twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/st

Reporter: "What do you say to Americans who are watching you right now, who are scared?"

Trump: "I say that you're a terrible reporter, that's what I say."

This is the guy you voted for. Having buyer's remorse yet?


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