Several years ago, Porsche took over the grounds of the old shuttered Ford factory and had a contingent of rainbow Porsches in the parade.

Scenes from the rainy Atlanta Pride parade yesterday.

The last one is me. Yeah, I'm "one of those." πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜†

Some pics from this past weekend. I ended up scraping the footpegs four times... Looks like I've gotten fast enough that I need to start shifting my body weight more to reduce lean angle.

Some prefer the more scenic roads in the area; this weekend I wanted the challenge instead.



The African Lilac-breasted roller bird
(Photo: Sharifa Jinnah)


Third time taking a trip up this 38% grade hill, which requires a wide turn at the top without stopping to make it through successfully.

...Oops, didn't turn as wide as I should have. 5 mph tipover in the shoulder.

Need a new mirror now, but everything else is totally unhurt.

I thought, let's go try the Fried Chicken today, and get there early. It's only been open for a half hour, and it's drizzling out, so nobody's really going to be waiting in liβ€”


People around the block and cars for a half mile. Trying again later. πŸ˜†

Well... I hope they don't run out by the time I get there for lunch tomorrow, because I'll be there. OM NOM NOM


ICYMI: Tomorrow, Beyond Fried Chickenβ„’ will make its debut in a limited one store test in Atlanta, GA, crowning as the 1st U.S. national QSR to introduce plant-based chicken!

Learn more here ➑️


I have to say, my eyes hit the photo before the headline on this one, because at this scale it looks like a close-up of some kind of dessert.

So very tempted to set my primary language preference to Middle English at my doctor's office.

I should ask whether they have a time machine hidden on premises. 🀣

It does feel pretty hot out there, but not quite 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Go home, You're drunk. πŸ˜† When the accidental pause has just the right look and caption

Grammar error aside, I'm kinda disturbed at this survey question. Hands-free operation is critical.

To be fair, the other survey questions asked about how to improve Assistant, but this one took me aback a bit.


Too young. Too soon. Too unrealistic. That's what they said when I ran for mayor of Clarkston, GA. But I didn't listen. And I won.

Now I'm running for the U.S. Senate in Georgia to take on David Perdue. Watch our announcement video and join our campaign.



23 years ago today, we met.

11 years ago, you were immortalized in plastic and history as .

Four years ago, we could finally marry.

A little over a year and a half ago, I lost you.

I'm wearing our ring again this week, to remember us.


Once again I’d like to assert that I am quite fine with being called a β€œkink shamer”.
This image of β€œPups” from London Pride shows how far Pride has strayed from commemorating our struggle for gay & lesbian rights & celebrating our freedom. What an embarrassment.


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