I'm going to say again, Biden was not my choice. But as he is going to be the nominee, it's still *critical* to vote for him to prevent four more years of Trump, and the *long-term* damage that regime will continue to inflict on courts (SCOTUS and others) and society generally.

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If you're the type who will, even after Sanders specifically called today for us to vote Democratic in November, ignore the power of your Presidential vote...

You have zero right to complain if we get four more years of Trump.

YOU have the power to help us prevent that. USE IT!

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And I have every right to complain about those of you pulling the "I'm taking my toys and going home" tantrum.

My life, and even more so the lives of people I care about, are at grave risk if Trump keeps power. If you claim to believe in politics that help people...

Prove it!

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Reviving an important related thread. As Joan Crawford famously said, immortalized in the movie "Mommie Dearest":

"This ain't my first time at the rodeo."

I understand these things because I've been there before. Read this thread for more:


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If you think you're going to sit home and sulk in November rather than vote for the party that is at least closer to your own interests, then you're giving Republicans your power.

THEY WANT YOU TO STAY HOME. They got burned by vote splitting in 1992, then weaponized it in 2000.

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A friend phrased this very well a little bit ago: The "they're all the same" rhetoric is actually right-wing agitprop. Don't believe it.

Republicans *want* you not to vote at all, for THE SAME REASON they want to suppress the vote: It's the only way they win.


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