I'm going to say again, Biden was not my choice. But as he is going to be the nominee, it's still *critical* to vote for him to prevent four more years of Trump, and the *long-term* damage that regime will continue to inflict on courts (SCOTUS and others) and society generally.

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If you're the type who will, even after Sanders specifically called today for us to vote Democratic in November, ignore the power of your Presidential vote...

You have zero right to complain if we get four more years of Trump.

YOU have the power to help us prevent that. USE IT!

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And I have every right to complain about those of you pulling the "I'm taking my toys and going home" tantrum.

My life, and even more so the lives of people I care about, are at grave risk if Trump keeps power. If you claim to believe in politics that help people...

Prove it!

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Reviving an important related thread. As Joan Crawford famously said, immortalized in the movie "Mommie Dearest":

"This ain't my first time at the rodeo."

I understand these things because I've been there before. Read this thread for more:


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If you think you're going to sit home and sulk in November rather than vote for the party that is at least closer to your own interests, then you're giving Republicans your power.

THEY WANT YOU TO STAY HOME. They got burned by vote splitting in 1992, then weaponized it in 2000.

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A friend phrased this very well a little bit ago: The "they're all the same" rhetoric is actually right-wing agitprop. Don't believe it.

Republicans *want* you not to vote at all, for THE SAME REASON they want to suppress the vote: It's the only way they win.


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As a non-American outsider, offering my 2c: I get the clutch you're guys in, but if you keep voting for right-leaning centrist Democrats, (or maybe just right-wing), there's never going to be anything done you may want, like M4A, because corporatists know they already have your vote anyway, so screw what you want.

All that keeps happening is that the acceptable window of discourse keeps moving right and there will be no space whatsoever for the left to maneuver in.

@MatejLach This is a red herring talking point that is provably untrue.

The Democratic platform has been steadily moving *leftward* for decades. They're still on average a centrist party, but part of the point of primaries is to influence that party platform, to implement change.

*Not participating* means that you're allowing the power to shift even further right towards growing Republican fascism. Continuing to pull leftward requires continuing to participate.


Ugh, the U.S. definition of what moving "leftward" is is honestly pathetic.

Both Clinton and Obama were famous "Third Way" centrists who deregulated what they could. Obama instituted many of the horrible policies Trump is continuing, including surveillance, drone strikes, detentions in cages etc.

You may've forgotten that Snowden came out during Obama years, Manning was tortured under his tenure as well.

@MatejLach Nowhere here do I say they were perfect either, but playing absolutism games is how fascism continues to rise.

Anyone who plays the "I won't vote because it's Biden" card is telling me, explicitly, that they don't care enough about the safety of my loved ones and me (queer folk, PoCs, poor folk) to vote *against* the clearly worse option.

That's pretty hypocritical for supporters of a platform founded on helping others.

Perfect is the enemy of good.


Biden's voted for some teeerible legislation affecting PoCs and seems pretty racist in general. At what point do you just vote for a different fascist?

But what do I know, I am just a clueless European who keeps watching U.S. Covid fatality figures and wondering when will the poor people there get M4A.

Then I see Biden mocking it on national TV and then here you are still defending him.

The answer is maybe it's true that universal healthcare is not possible in the U.S.


All that accomplishes is that eventually a worse Trump comes in and you'd have to defend positions that are effectively right-wing, because by that time that's the space the "left" is operating in.

If Trump gets reelected, it's not the fault of the people who didn't vote Biden. It's the fault of Biden and his campaign for failing to inspire people to go and vote for his platform.

Nobody "deserves" anyone's vote.

@MatejLach This completely ignores how the American electoral process works.

You fight for policy in the primaries, then you get to choose from two overall platforms in the general.

If you don't choose the one that's closer to your ideology, you're handing over half your power to those who are further from your ideology.

I've been doing the political analysis an voting thing for a quarter-century now; this isn't new.

@ToddVierling The problem is, usually candidates who become the nominee are supposed to offer some concessions to the loosing ones to attract their base.

Biden's offering nothing that Sanders wanted, nothing substantial anyway. In fact he keeps laughing at the idea of M4A, you guys need it most right now.

That is besides the fact that he's incoherent half the time and so I doubt he'd be able to get thru the general debates or, if he wins, push hard for anything serious.

@MatejLach Did you even watch today's livestream event and endorsement?

Parroting talking points doesn't change the fact of how the US electoral system works.

@MatejLach ...never mind anyway. I have better things to do with my time than listen to somebody promote the "I'm taking my toys and going home" tantrums.

Like ACTUALLY WORK TO MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN, which requires actually exercising my fucking right to vote.


My whole point is that change doesn't happen if you keep voting for the same thing, expecting different results.

In fact, that's the very definition of insanity.

That's all.

We understand that you can still vote for #Sanders still and that he has only suspended his campaign. ;)

@dsfgs And I have, absentee already sent.

This thread is about general election consequences, relative to Sanders's endorsement announcement today.

That site is not clear, but we know one thing, if everyone votes Green, #Trump will lose.

The #Dems are taking valuable votes from the #Greens that are desperately needed to defeat Trump.

Don't make the same mistake in 2020.

If you'd like to see the Green frontrunner in a recent interview with #LeeCamp, we'll dig it up.

He's brilliant!

@dsfgs I'd love to see more parties be contenders. But as long as we have both FPTP and winner-take-all Electoral College math, there are only two viable parties for President.

Voting for any other party at this stage means taking potential votes away from one of those two. If you want more diverse representation across American politics, you have a base to build and should be going after Congressional seats first.

We agree that #democracy is completely broken in the US. Its so ironic that they insist on #bringingDemocracy to other countries when they can't seem to do basic things like #RankedChoiceVoting.

If we may ask, what does RT mean?

@dsfgs I agree with all of this, and that's why building up Congressional seats *first* is so critical. Every major party shift in US history has required this. Throwing that money at a Presidential candidate first is taking campaign money away from possibly winnable seats.

RT = retweet. The original post was supposed to link to a post on Twitter (the one I pasted a few toots up) but the cross-poster app failed.

You never know. If people in the other states can still vote and they vote Sanders, without him actually campaigning, then the delegates might be forced to go with Sanders.

We have our fingers crossed.

Thanks for explaining "RT".

@dsfgs The delegate lead is too high to overcome, but that doesn't mean power is lost. Sanders had a lot of influence over the 2016 party platform and he will again. That's where the power to make bigger changes lies.

You may be right, however we can't help but think that #coronavirusAmerica is very different and favours #Sanders.

Also #Biden's alleged #sexualAssault is extremely damning. He simply doesn't have a chance.

But maybe for the #billionaireClass that seems to control the DNC - that's the point. Better to lose and #virtueSignal from the sidelines that to risk a Sanders win.

Yes, we are that cynical.

We remember the DNC effectively claiming that they can #riggThePrimaries too.

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