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@pplRmyreligion@twitter.com @ericahgeorge@twitter.com @ScottHech@twitter.com @JuddApatow@twitter.com @NYGovCuomo@twitter.com All I'm seeing in that reply is "no, I don't care if the opposition wants to eradicate you and those you care about, I'd rather watch the world burn."

Perspective is a hell of a thing.

What it means to me and many of my friends when someone tries to equate Biden, f***ing flawed as he is, with the Great Pumpkin.

When your movement is founded on helping others, and you decide to (actively) *not* help against a very real harm. Queer, PoC, those in poverty.

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Being a white cis man, I don't usually have the right to say this; but as a queer man, I have the rare opportunity:

"Your privilege is showing."

You have to think about how things affect more than just yourself.

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