On December 24, 2019, I drove a delirious friend, who works as a first responder near the Atlanta airport, to a clinic.

He came back negative for flu and for bacterial infection tests.

It's looking a lot more likely he had . In *December*. The symptom profile matches.

The nurse was utterly confused, because he looked like he had stereotypical flu: dry cough, intense fatigue, muscle aches. But the fever was low grade.

He was excused from work for a week, and mostly recovered, but had to go back to work as a firefighter a week later.

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He hasn't had any symptoms resembling that sense. When antibody tests are finally available, we are both getting tested.

If he turns up positive for antibodies on that test, it will be evidence that community spread was happening in the US *over three months ago*.

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How would he have contracted it? Working around the busiest airport in the world would have provided ample opportunity.

This is what gets hidden by lack of testing and lack of serious handling. This is why thousands are dying today even while some states are ignoring the issue.

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Make no mistake, IS IN YOUR COMMUNITY. if you haven't gotten it already, you're still more likely than not to get it at some point.

Make sure to hold this lack of leadership responsible. It's one specific US political party that is responsible for screwing us over.

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Vote the Republicans out.

Every slimy, waffling, aloof, and apathetic one of them.

They played games with our lives.

I've lost four friends so far; three friends have lost close relatives, and several more are in ICUs. If it hasn't affected you yet, trust me — IT WILL.

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