Three weeks ago, I had an experience atvl a fast food restaurant that I didn't think as much of at the time as I should have, but it's come back to haunt me, and the story is worth telling.

(TL;DR?: Queer white people can act superior to PoC too, contributing to oppression.) /1

This was along an Interstate highway in semirural Alabama. Two young white men walked out of the restaurant, body language clearly a couple. As the second man exited, he pushed at the door to close it more forcefully.

There was a black woman behind them carrying her food. /2

I caught the door as it was closing, maybe a few inches from her face. I turned around and glared at the men. They looked back, smirked, and kept going.

She thanked me, I said "Of course", and we went on our way. But it was a very stark reminder that this crap is everywhere. /3

I didn't march on Washington for equal *white* rights. It was for *equal rights*, period.

It still shocks me when I see this treatment, especially from one of "my own kind." I've fought one form of oppression, just to see those I've helped do the same thing to others. /4


And I'm not innocent of that. When I first saw the reimagining of the flag with the brown and black stripes added, I felt like it wasn't necessary, because the whole point of the rainbow was to be all-encompassing.

I was wrong. I embrace the change now. /5

I may be part of the queer community, but I'm still cis, male, white, and in a professional career. That means I have positions of privilege.

Saving that for myself is not just selfish; it contributes to the cycle. /6

I was taught in *kindergarten* that selfishness is bad, and I never forgot that. So it's important to point out this disparity when it happens, and try to help change it.

That's not "woke". That's just being a goddamn good human being. We need more of *that* again. /end

(Oh well, just now saw the typo in the first tweet, no point in fixing it now. As the relevant adage goes, I can do better next time. 😄)

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